Saturday, March 04, 2017

Collective Haul

I feel like I'm always catching up on here. So, let's start with a facebook swap. One of my Facebook groups is called Random RAK (Random Act Of Kindness). We send our partners a minimum of $15 worth of things each month. My package took a little side trip on its way to me. It got to Des Moines (it's about an hour away) and then decided to travel to PA and then came back to Des Moines and back to me.
I finally got it on the 28th and I love everything that's in it:
Heart shapes, stickers, stuffed animal, buttons, flowers, gel pens, and some more stickers.
We had decided to put together Valentine's packages for each other. I love everything, I'm a little bummed that she gave me the hot air balloon stickers since I just bought them the day before. Oh, well they're still cute.
This week, the weather's been weird again. It was in the 50's on Monday, Wednesday I walked outside and it was snowing. It's been blowing and cold-ish the rest of the week. Today, we're supposed to hit the 60's, so I went shopping. I went down to Walmart and Target to see what they had for Easter stuff.
First up, Walmart:
 stickers, toothbrushes, gift bag, Easter scatter, stuffed animal, plastic necklaces, chapstick, chocolate.
Of course, they didn't have the cool stuff I've seen on people's haul videos, but I did find some cute stickers, a set of plastic necklaces and the table scatter. I thought it would be neat to cut up the necklaces and use them as a banner for the Happy Easter on the top of a pocket letter. The toothbrushes I picked up for my trip over the middle of March. I didn't need that many, but the whole pack was $1, that's better than I'm gonna find at the Dollar Tree, so why not. The gift bag is for my friend's birthday on the 28th, and it was $0.98 cents, so cheaper than the Dollar Tree again. I just loved the dinosaur, I didn't find anything else I wanted for me in the Easter section, so I picked him up, because I totally need another stuffed animal, I could just enjoy it until the end of the month and pass it on to my friend. For some reason when I go out, I always seem to go about lunchtime, I was in the checkout lane and the chocolate just looked good. I decided to give the Godiva to my friend, the Hershey's is for me.
Next up, Target:
Chocolate, mushroom, gel pens, tags, rub ons, stickers.
I'm wanting chocolate lately. I didn't get down to the after Valentine's sales, so I guess I just want some. I picked up the mushroom because it will match my gnome I got last year for my desk at work. I can't pass up gel pens, the metallic ones I got about a year ago are running a bit low. I picked up these tags mostly because of the cute little clear pockets they are in. These rub ons are the only ones I really liked. I really wanted the two wide washis, but there was no washi in my Target dollar spot, typical. I picked up the foam stickers because they were springy, I thought I could use them for a long while. The chocolate was $3.50, the gel pens were $3, and the foam stickers were $5, everything else was $1.
Next I went over to the Dollar Tree to see if they had any interesting Easter stuff since Monday, of course they didn't. I wandered over to JoAnn's hoping they would change out their Valentine cheap section to Easter, but they still had Valentine stuff out at 70%, so I didn't buy anything there. As I was walking towards home, I saw a girl scout table, and I've wanted some, so I picked some up:
 A box of Thin Mints, the new S'mores, and a bag of gluten free.
I love Thin Mints, I saw the S'mores on their website, I'm not sure I'll really want a whole box. I picked the bag of gluten free because I work with people who are gluten free, though now I'm really tempted to open them and eat them. My boss's stomach is very sensitive, so if I take them to work, I can't open them until she's tried them.
I tried to spend money at our Asian food store, but I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy. So, I went to HyVee to find something interesting for lunch.
Chocolate, chai, chicken wrap
Once again with the chocolate, I remembered I was low on my morning chai, so picked up some more of that and some lunch.
I also stopped at the grocery store on the way home.
Karlene will get a kick out of this, I was almost home and thinking to myself that I wasn't going to go shopping for at least a month (except for my trip to Chicago), that I didn't need anything and realized I forgot to pick up mouthwash. I planned to pick some up at the Dollar Tree, because mouthwash is expensive. UGH! Story of my life sometimes

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