Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ugh, it never ends

Now that I'm not working all the time, all I want to do is go spend money.
I went to Walmart, Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby today. Walmart because I haven't gone in awhile and wanted to see if they had anything exciting. Dollar Tree because I actually needed stuff from them. Hobby Lobby because I needed a refill of my double stick tape.
I am so sick of gray and dreary days. I appreciate that it's not cold and there's not snow on the ground, but I hate that everything's wet and we haven't seen the sun in a few days. I feel like every day I get up and look at my weather app and it tells me there's fog. I also hate that we're hovering around freezing at night and sometimes during the days.
Anywho, here's what I picked up:
Like I said, I went to Walmart because I hadn't been there in awhile. Last Sunday, I went to Target and Dollar Tree, but for some reason didn't go to Walmart. My Target and Super Walmart are practically next door to each other, the Dollar Tree is about a block away from the Target. On my walk down there I kept arguing with myself saying I didn't need anything, but I wanted to see what they had for Valentine's.
When I walked in the front door I wanted to buy the $10 stuffed ladybug they had, but I didn't. I did find a lot of food: crackers, donuts, pretzels and chocolate. It was about 9:30/10:00 when I got there, I hadn't had breakfast and really wanted some good donuts. These are strawberry flavored chocolate covered, so good. I picked some up at the grocery store last week. The Flipz are always good, and I love these strawberry Lindt truffles, they only come out for Valentine's Day. I found these winter stickers in the sticker aisle and they rang up for 2 cents, I would have gotten more, if I knew that. I should have turned around and grabbed the rest of them. The tiny clothespins are for a friend, I felt kind of bad when I saw them at the Dollar Tree next, oh well. I noticed this double sided tape and since it came with 4 rolls for about $6, instead of 3 replacement rolls for $12 as Hobby Lobby has tape, I picked it up. The puffball pen was in the Valentine's section, it was about $1. I needed the conditioner and since Dollar Tree does not carry the large size, I picked it up.
I was tempted to go back to Target, but I talked myself out of it, and continued on to Dollar Tree:
 I spent just over $7, and mostly everything I needed, the tape was not needed. It was kinda sad, I don't think I've ever done that at Dollar Tree before. My brush was dying, so I grabbed a new one. I'm almost out of toothpaste and was very excited to find this larger tube of Crest. I'm always in need of ziploc bags and sponges and I couldn't find my flippy thing (I don't know what they are called), last time I wanted to use it. OK, I admit I didn't need the bandaids, but I wanted some with a cool design on them. The tape was an interesting find. I've never found the tape where you'd think it would be at my Dollar Tree. This roll was sitting in the classroom supplies, and a lady was digging through them. I waited to make sure she didn't want it, and walked up and grabbed it. She kinda looked at me like she did want it, but didn't say anything, so I just walked away.
I still went to Hobby Lobby because I wanted to pick up some washi
I was originally gonna wait until next week to go and pick up the double sided tape to see what new fun sales were going on, but I picked up some great vintage Valentine paper for a flip book and wanted some floral washi to bind it. I had picked up this bag of chocolate last week but didn't realize it wasn't on sale. Of course then I thought about it all week, so I picked it up this time. I had found a different roll of floral washi that I wanted, but it was in those big tubes for $12.99, and I didn't like enough of the other rolls to justify spending $6.50 on it.
Am I the only one that notices that it seems Hobby Lobby likes to have one roll in the double pack I want but not the other. I actually like the second roll in this pack.

I really want to head out to our mall tomorrow, check out the smaller Walmart and the TJ Maxx, but I don't need anything.

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