Tuesday, November 08, 2016

More stuff!!

Because I don't have enough. Hobby Lobby had Christmas at 50% off last week and since I didn't know if that would continue on this week. I went over.
buttons, felt trees, felt owls, reindeer napkin rings, paper pad, duct tape, washi, socks, gel pens
I ended up finding a few things. I've been going through button withdrawal lately, so I picked up a bag of their buttons, I used a 40% off coupon on it, I got it for $3.59. I seem to be on a tree kick for the Christmas this year, so I picked up these felt cut out trees for $1.49. I also picked up these cute felt owls for $1.99, I wanted to pick them up before when Christmas was 40% off but thought I might not use them. I picked up a set of four reindeer napkin rings for my brother for $7.96. I thought I might make a Christmas or winter flip book, so I chose the paper pad that seemed least Christmasy, there's a really cute page with trees that would make a great cover page, for $3.49. I found the wildlife duct tape in the clearance aisle for $1.79. I'd seen this in people's videos and at JoAnns, so I was really excited to find it. The washi was Christmas, so I got that for $1.99. I really liked these socks and when I went to put them on the other day, I found they are over the knee, not knee high socks, they were $2.04. I just picked up the pens because they are gel pens, they're Superman gel pens, I just wanted the gel pens, they were $1.79 each.
When I got home I couldn't wait to go through my button bag. These are my favorites:
 I LOVE the fox one. I feel I should do something with the reindeer. I've already altered a paperclip with the two pilgrims. I love those red blobby things, they look like caterpillars to me.
Saturday afternoon, I had to work, and we had a book sale going on at the library, so of course I went on my break. I picked up a couple movies: Identity and the newer Gone in 60 Seconds. I got those for a total of $4.
Monday, it was pay $1, and take all you want, so I ended up with this stack:
 The Year the World Went Mad by Allen Churchill, The Oxford History of the American People by Samuel Eliot Morison, Real Boys by William Pollack, Torture Team by Philippe Sands, Inside People by Judy Kessler, Sex and Sensibility by Jean H. Hagstrum, Eyewitness to America edited by David Colbert, The Fountain of Age by Betty Friedan, One Nation edited by LIFE Magazine, America's Heritage by Gary DeMar and Titanic by Dr. Robert D. Ballard. UGH!! I do not need more books. I got stuck in the history and social sciences sections.
Today, I went shopping to see if places had any fall/Halloween stuff and what they had for Christmas. I went backwards from my usual route and hit all my stores backwards. I skipped Hobby Lobby because I was just there on Saturday, even though I wanted to do a thorough search of the clearance section and see what fall/Halloween was marked down to.
I did end up going to JoAnn's, I never go there anymore, I rarely find anything to buy. Today, was different:
I picked up three packs of napkins for my mother for $1.19 each. The sign said fall/Halloween was only 50% off but when I went to pay, they rung up as 66% off. I picked up almost one of every Darice sticker book they had. I'll probably hold on to them until next year. I also found the Trolls sticker book that everyone has been hauling from Dollar Tree because I know my Dollar Tree will not get it. It was priced $1.49, but rang up $1.11
I went to Walmart, but couldn't find anything I wanted to spend my money on.
Next up was Target. Normally, I hit the dollar spot and the clearance sections at Target. Last week I went online to see their Christmas selection, so I knew I'd be visiting it, so I added the 5% off ornaments to my Cartwheel savings.
monster ornaments, washi, Raphael, planner stickers, erasers, page flags, labels, erasers.
 I love these monster ornaments, and I picked up the fuzzy brown guy as well. Most of their ornament section was $3.00. I picked up the reindeer and tree washi in the Christmas section for $2 each. The two plaid washi are from the dollar spot, they were $1 each. The Raphael keychain was in their Christmas section, I couldn't pass him up, he's my favorite. The planner stickers were also from the dollar spot, they were $3, the back sheet is planner stickers, the middle package is 3 pages of washi flags, and the front package is page flags and three magnetic bookmarks. I picked up a bag of penguin erasers for friend mail for $1. I've been seeing people pick up these cute little page flags, so I was really surprised to find them at my Target dollar spot, I picked up a package of $1, they were smaller than I expected, but they are soo cute! The labels were on clearance for ten cents, they are copper foiled, I thought I could use them whenever, not just fall. The Rudolph erasers were also from the dollar spot, they were also $1. I have a little of a Rudolph theme going on.
And since at least one picture must be blurry, here it is. Why does it always look so clear when I find it, and not when I get it on the computer.
Anyways, last stop was Dollar Tree.
stickers, glitter tape, solar turkey, cupcake liners, glitter tape, gift tags, moisture eliminator, sequins
I picked up the gift tag book to use on gifts, there are a lot of cute designs, I could always cut them out and use the pictures. I've seen people hauling this glitter tape, the last glitter tape I picked up from the Dollar Tree had a lot of fallout. I've heard this does not, I guess if it does, I'll just pass on to someone else. I wanted this guy last year when I saw them, but of course there were all out. I'm not sure he actually works, but I don't have a lot of natural light in my apartment, I'm planning to take him to work. I thought I'd try my hand at rosettes, I really wanted some primary color ones, but none of those at the dollar tree, so I got these. There are mini green ones and regular sized red ones. I love these gift tags, I saw them on Missy's channel and loved what she had said about them. These are folded in half, so you can easily cut the front off and do something with them, so I got two. I had seen someone haul these moisture eliminator things, she said they worked very well, so I picked up a couple to try out. I picked up the sequins cause they were big and I thought I'd try to do something with them.
mugs, snickers, caramels, truffles, cider, gummy bears
I thought this was a cute mug, it's got Woodstock sleeping in his nest, on the other side is a sign that says "Do not disturb", the other one says Chocolate is always the answer. I've already signed up for one Christmas swap, and I'm signing up for another on. The Snickers is for me. The box of caramels is for my dad, the mint truffles my mother and I'm sure I can find someone to give the other truffles to. I love this sparkling cider, it's so good, so I picked up four. I really wanted to get a whole box, but I had to walk home with them. The gummy bears were also for me.
I was going to go to Burger King for lunch, but since I spent $25 at Dollar Tree, I wasn't allowed to.

I have this box that I kept putting all my Christmas gifts/supplies stuff in. It is officially full, so I'm not allowed to buy anything else until I find out who my partners are for my swaps and then I still have to look through my stuff first. Let's see if I can do that.

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