Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hodgepodge Vol 286

Hodgepodge is back. Head on over to Joyce's blog to see other people's answers.

1. Let's all think happy thoughts...share one of yours here. I borrowed the original Gone in 60 Seconds from the library the other day, I'm excited to watch it.

2. There's a Chinese proverb that says, "If you want happiness for an hour take a nap, if you want happiness for a day-go fishing...." What say you? If you want happiness for a day Learn to craft. That's what I did all day, and it was pretty satisfying.

3. Where do you go to decompress from the world around you? Mostly I just stay at home and turn on some music or watch a movie.

4. What song never fails to make you happy? How about Two Lanes of Freedom by Tim McGraw
Sorry, couldn't find an official music video, so you get the live version

5. Wednesday is National Fast Food Day. Should that be a thing? Apparently it is, so tell us what's the last 'fast food' you consumed? If you were putting together your own version of a 'happy meal' what would you include? I love that. I'm not sure it should be a thing, but I would love a reason to get fast food (I'm trying to be good and not spend money on stuff I don't need). I went to Wendy's a few weeks ago, and got their grilled chicken. I can't decide between grilled chicken or a cheeseburger. So either grilled chicken from Wendy's or a Whopper with cheese from Burger King, with fries from McDonald's and Cherry Coke made with grenadine instead of from the bottle.

6. In a few sentences tell us why you blog. For me. I don't know how many people actually read my blogs, but I like showing what I've bought and I really like showcasing my art.

7. List seven things you're feeling especially grateful for today. 1. That I have enough money to buy stuff I don't need. 2. That I have a nice job (or actually jobs) to provide me with that money. 3. That I don't have to work on Thanksgiving or Black Friday and I still get paid. 4. That I have a job. 5. That I have good friends. 6. That I'm good enough in health to stand for long hours. 7. That the day is over with. (publishing this Tuesday night)
That turned out very job/money centered, I didn't mean for that to happen but I just got back from one of my jobs tonight and was thinking about next week.

8. Insert your own random thought here. I'm not ready for cold weather or December or Christmas. I'm not ready for the end of the year. I'm tired, I don't really have a random thought. I'm just ready for bed.



I am with you on the cold weather. Loved you answers. Stopping in from Hodge Podge. Hope you have an Happy Hump Day.

Trudy Mintun said...

I like the crafts you did. SO pretty and festive. Improved health is something indeed to be grateful for.

April said...

You are quite the crafty talent...nice job! Christmas is fast-approaching, ready or not!

Loris Glassworks said...

I really like your gift tags, I saw some similar components at Michael's craft store and wondered what I could create with them...you inspire me! Have a great week.
Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

Joyce said...

Jobs are blessings : ) Two Lanes of Freedom is a good one! And I like your tags. I can't get too crazy with the holidays this year. My goal is to have pictures on the wall by Christmas!

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to hear someone speak well of their job. Yippee for having Thanksgiving and the day after off!