Tuesday, November 01, 2016

October RAK

One of my FB groups is called Random RAK. Basically we send each other gifts every month. Here's what I received for October:
 jack-o-lantern doilies, rhinestone pumpkin stickers, fall box, washi, candle, towel, modgepodge, paper clips, buttons and snowmen
I love these doilies, they will be going away with my Halloween stuff, as will the rhinestone pumpkin stickers. I used the box, towel and candle in another swap. I love them, but I don't really have a place for the box. I'm not allowed to have candles (cause I leave them burning and forget about them, plus I'm not a big fan of smelly things), and I don't decorate for Halloween, so I thought I'd send the towel on. I will use the mod podge, one can never have enough of that. I'm sure I will use the paper clips in swaps, I don't really use paper clips, but they are fun to share. And one can never have enough buttons.
I love the snowmen
She said she made them out of socks and rice. I'm not sure if I told her I collect snowmen, but I did tell her I don't like holiday specific items. She said these I can have out all winter, which is the reason I collect snowmen. I just don't like to decorate for a holiday and then have to take it down right after the holiday is over. I love that she created something for me. I love the buttons and just everything about them. They will be staying with me for years to come.

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