Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Collective haul

This covers the last few weeks. On November 16th, one of the local stores was doing a fundraiser for Project Smyles (a nonprofit run through the library), so of course I had to go. I stopped at another store, and since it was Wednesday, their home decor was 20% off.
Everything I bought was on clearance or on sale. The pig is for a friend. The bird bowl was for myself, but I might end up sending it out for a swap. The pumpkin was on clearance for half off, I paid about $5 for it. I really brought it up to see how much it was, originally it was $10 something which I thought was a bit high, especially since the ones that were twice that size were only $14, but whatever, I've been wanting one of these for awhile anyway. The reindeer is for my brother. The santa was supposed to light up, but once I bought the 3 batteries it required (for $7), I found out why it was on clearance, it doesn't work. The roly poly santa and the white one are for my mother. I bought the snowflakes for swaps.
Here's the store doing the fundraiser
 They are a fair trade store, and always have lots of neat stuff. One of the pens has a llama on it, it's for the same friend as the pig above. I bought the pen with the lady on it and the doll for a swap. The doll actually provides income so women can provide menstrual pad kits for girls in Nepal. The lizard is for a friend.
The next day I went to Walmart and the mall for necessities, I also had to check out TJ Maxx.
 I needed black pants, jeans, boots and some knee high socks.
The jeans and boots are put away until I need them for my jobs so I don't wear them out before then. I also needed some more fleece lined leggings for home. Sadly, this pear was too small so I had to convince my mom to go on Saturday to trade them out. Turns out this style just kinda sucks, I guess it's low rise, and just slides right off my but when I bend down, it's a good thing I wasn't planning on wearing them outside.
I picked up the black pants at Younkers, because I needed them for an event on Saturday night. I swear they fit fine in the store. When I went to put them on Saturday night they were a little large. They are a stretchy material. Since I didn't want to bother with trading them out, I just pinned them together at the back with a safety pin.
 I also went through the clearance aisle.
I picked up the photo banner for future swaps as well as the fall potholder set and the pins. The owl bowl was $1. I was ecstatic (cause I totally need more owls). I picked up the hedgehog towel for a friend. I also picked up a few more Christmas stickers.
Here's TJ Maxx
They had a ton of stuff out for Christmas and were still putting things out. It was very different than the one table they had for Halloween. The set of washi was on a table of gifts for $5 and under, there's 8 rolls, so it was cheaper than going to the dollar tree. I picked up the tissue paper for $1. I picked up the pistachio nougat for Christmas, but ate it myself, so good. I want to go back for more, but it was about $3. I bought the chocolate for my dad. The bookmarks and note pad set are for swaps. I just picked up the candy because they were $1 each.
The next Tuesday, I went to Hobby Lobby, because I needed tape again.
 The paper studio stuff was 50% off, I only picked up the three sheets of stickers. The Mambu Sticks were in the clearance and I have been eyeing them for awhile. I plan to use them in a flip book. I misplaced my hole punch in the move and Walmart was out of them when I went the week before. Of course after I bought this, I found my hole punch. I'm not sure if I'll take it back or not. The Christmas stuff was also 50% off, I only picked up the tags. The stocking stickers were in the clearance section.
November 26th was Small Business Saturday, so my mom and I headed downtown. I found this huge gnome guy at one store
 I don't know how much he is, but I'm sure he's out of my price range. He was probably about 4 feet tall, his coat was so soft, and he bounced kinda like a bobble head.
I also found this cute block:
 I bought a couple ornaments, but did not get a picture of them.
Today, I went to Dollar Tree and Target, I was going to go to Walmart for one thing, but I talked myself out of it. I needed wrapping paper and chocolate. I feel I'm done shopping for Christmas now.
 I feel I mostly picked up chocolate. I had cartwheel savings for the two Ghiradelli packages.
I picked up the multi pack because I had the savings and I wanted to try the eggnog square. It's pretty good, I wish they had a whole pack of them. I probably shouldn't have picked up the other Ghiradelli package, but I had the cartwheel, and I know I can find someone to give it to. I love the Merci chocolates, funny thing, this package was cheaper than the same thing in their regular chocolate section. I was going to go to Walmart for this 'champagne' bottle of chocolate, but it was cheaper at Target, so I guess it was good I didn't. I always have to get a bag of Dove peppermint bark every season, though last season it took me forever to eat them. I picked up the Ritter multi pack because they are so good and I'd never seen this before. I picked up the champagne and cabernet truffles for my brother. I had to pick up these really cute bottles of Nutella, they were only $1.
I also visited the dollar spot
 I've been seeing people haul these melted snowmen sticky notes and was so glad to have found them. I'm still looking for the 'snow globe' stickers. I'd also seen people pick up these gift tags that are also pockets. I picked up the blank cards to make cards. I figured I'd use the ribbon on a flip book. I picked up the paper clips for a swap. I love these tags. I had seen a packed of cards with the truck on it, but I don't need more cards.
Next was Dollar Tree
 I love that dollar tree has so many interesting foods, and if I don't like them, I'm not gonna feel bad about taking them to work cause I only spent a dollar. These Minees cookies are new to me, they are sandwich cookies with different flavored fillings. I had a cartwheel to get some of these cookies at Target but knew I could get them at Dollar Tree. I picked up the mug for a swap. I've seen people haul these butter cookies and I'm curious how they compare to the others. Of course I had to pick up some gummies. The peanut clusters are for a swap. The almond roca and white Twix are for me.
 I saw these lace headbands and thought I could cut off the elastic and just use the lace. I've been wanting one of these pumpkins for awhile. I picked up the two hats for a couple of my snowmen that looked sad without hats. I just liked the tree ornament, turns out it was only 50 cents. I had to pick up this set of nesting boxes cause of the owl. I've seen people getting these snowflakes and wanted to use them on a flip book. I picked up the potholders for a swap.
We finally got new stickers, of course not the tiny puffy ones I've been wanting. I saw these big sheets in people's videos and knew I'd pick up one of each if I found them. I picked up another emoji pen, this guy's sad. Those are two headed highlighter pens I just wanted to try out. I've been looking for these rosette stickers. I love this frog, he might by my favorite purchase. He's actually a toothbrush holder, but I plan to use him for pens. They had a set of a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and soap holder, but I only picked up this guy. I don't need more frogs, but I love finding them.

My mother called this afternoon saying she took out all her Santa ornaments and it just felt wrong to decorate without me, even though I had already told her I didn't want to help. I know she actually called because it's hard to decorate with my father. He's legally blind, so he just can't help much. Plus, she bought a 9 foot tree a few years ago. I almost went over to their place to help, even though I know they'll annoy me and then I'll be upset for a few days. I'm not gonna do it. I need this day away from her and people.

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