Friday, September 23, 2016

Too much water.

My day started out pretty shitty. Last night we had a pretty big rain storm that just kinda sat over Ames for the whole night. When I got up this morning, I put my feet down in a puddle, this one to be exact:
 And at the end of my bed, there was actually standing water:
 You can see it's not so wet here from the doorway:
 A close-up of the end of my bed:
 And looking into my closet:
It wasn't the greatest thing to wake up to, but after seeing that some people had 5+ inches, I feel a bit better that it wasn't worse. I did read on Facebook that someone's basement collapsed because of all the rain.
It was mostly because we got so much in so little of a time. I read this morning we got anywhere from 4.25 to 7 inches, depending on where you were in the city. It sounded like downtown (where I am) got the brunt of it.
I got to run away to work this afternoon. I love that about work, if you want to get away from your personal life, you just go to work. Of course your personal life is still there when you get back. Thankfully mine had gotten much better. It turned out the massive amount of rain was too much for the sump pump, so once we got that started again, it sucked a lot of the water out. Looking at my bedroom floor right now, it's hard to see what is wet, and what isn't. It's still pretty damp on top, and I'm sure plenty wet underneath. But, it's just stuff, none of my important stuff, like electronics, movies, books or library books were on the floor, so that's good. I did lose a shoebox full of pocket letter inserts for my art, as you can see in that last picture. That's what I'm most bummed about, I had some project life cards, and some Paper Studio cards in there that I really wanted to use, but I don't think it's worth it to try and dry them.
I'd love some healing thoughts sent my way.

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