Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Because of the flooding last week, I decided I needed to pick up some more pocket pages, and Hobby Lobby had their PaperStudio and Stampabilities stuff 50% off, plus Halloween, fall and Christmas was 40% off, so why not?
And of course, they didn't have the pocket pages I wanted. I had picked up a sea and a travel pack of ATC cards when they were on clearance, that's what I wanted. Of course, I didn't leave empty handed:
 I took a chance on a couple of misc paper packs that were on clearance, they 8.5x11 was $1.79 and the 12x12 was $2.99. It was a pretty good chance, there were 50 sheets in each and I think about 10 in each I didn't like. I loved that pumpkin sheet it was $0.29. I've been wanting the pink lemonade paper stack and I told myself next time they had the 50% off sale, I'd pick up one, so I got the tiny one for $4.49. The beach stickers matched the ATC cards I had, so I picked those up. I liked the rectangular sticker papers, the one on the left actually matched a pocket page set I was considering, I thought they'd be great little embellishments. Someday I plan to do a travel themed PL or flipbook, so I picked up these stickers. All the stickers in this picture were $1.25
 I saw these wood snowflakes last time I was in and thought they'd be fun to play with, they were $2.99. The star stickers I found in the clearance aisle, they were $1 each. I have the succulent washi and paper and have been meaning to pick up the stickers, these were $.99. I also liked the Christmasy stickers beside them. I don't usually do Christmas cards, I'm more of a winter card person, but these were really cute. They were $.99 also. I found this roller stamp in the clearance aisle for $2.99, I originally picked it up in case someone else was looking for it. It doesn't have a listing of the images, when I googled it and saw all of what it had, I decided I should keep it. I've been wanting this travel washi for awhile, and if I ever do the travel PL/flipbook it will be great, it was $2.49. I had to pick up the owl ornament, it was in the Halloween section, I saw it last week and told myself when Halloween went on sale, I'd pick it up, it was $2.39. I also liked the little Frankenstein head, I should have looked at it a little closer as I found a glitch in his mouth, oh well he was only $0.88. I like these pumpkin stickers, I'm making a fall flipbook for someone and thought they'd work well, especially with the stickers I bought at Walmart last week, they were $1.19. I did pick up this set of pocket pages for $2.49. And lastly, the package of string holders at the bottom was $0.42, I was sending someone some embroidery floss and I have no idea where mine are at the moment, it seemed easier just to buy these.
I also went into the Asian food store on my way home, I was looking for mochi, but they didn't have any in the flavors I wanted. But, you can't leave that store empty handed either:
 I can't read Asian characters, but I can kinda guess what I'm getting. The rolls on the side are milk rolls, every time I buy some kind of bread product it doesn't usually work out, but these are great. The purple box is taro pudding. Taro is purple sweet potato, it's so good. Their pudding is kinda like flan in consistency, it's actually a box of little tiny pudding containers, not what I was expecting, but still good. The 3+2 cookies turned out to be weird. They're like saltines with filling. The top one is blueberry, the bottom one is cream and coffee, I thought it was chocolate so I was very bummed about that one. The pink bag is corn sticks with strawberry frosting. I don't know if I can fully explain these. They're like cheese puffs, but don't really have a taste, the best thing about these was the strawberry frosting, but I was hungry the other night so I ate the whole bag. The cans at the bottom are a milk drink, I've gotten them before. They are milk like, a bit sweeter and a little bit thicker.
Today was interesting at the library, I found these guys on my desk when I walked in:
The note on them was from my roommate, saying she hoped they'd make me smile after our soggy weekend. They did. It's Freddy Krueger and Chucky. They are Mopeez stuffed people made by Funko.
Then we heard there were fleas, so we closed for the day and when I go back tomorrow night it better be all taken care of.

I will need to make a dollar tree run again. I realized I need some better air fresheners, the ones I picked up last week are not very good. I guess I'll go for the name brand ones this time. I'm also hoping there's a plastic container I can use as a garbage can in my crafty area (I'm also hoping the floor is dry enough soon so I can create). My 2017 planner got wet, so I need another one of those. And I saw someone's video about Christmas there. I try to pick up some things early on that I know people will like so I don't have to worry about the rush/madness the closer it gets to Christmas.

How's everyone else's week?

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