Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Needed to get out of the house Haul

I am not catching up today, I actually got this all today. I've been spending way too much time in my house, and decided I needed to get out. I've either been here or at work, not much else. I've also had a hard time getting motivated to create and someone suggested going for a walk, I'm pretty sure spending money was not included. So, I went shopping. 
 First stop was Hobby Lobby, I hadn't been there in awhile and I knew fall and Christmas were 40% so I thought I'd see if there was anything interesting. Apparently last week paper was 50% off, it's a good thing I didn't go then.
I took a few pictures of some stuff I wanted, but did not get. Pretty much all the 3D stickers except The Paper Studio and Paper House were 40% off.
 I wanted these because they were so cute:
 But, I don't do a lot of Christmas (or holiday specific) things, plus I decided I could use my own materials and make something similar.
I loved these:
 Some of them were puffy, some were just patterned, but again with the holiday specific and I probably wouldn't use them.
I liked these:
 They were not on sale, and I decided I could probably recreate them, I just needed a reference picture.
Here's what I did pick up:
The hearts/arrows stickers were in clearance for $1.79, they are also vellum, I think they will work well on a lot of things. Like I said Christmas was 40% off, so I picked up the felt bird stickers and the plaid washi for $2.39 each. I thought the birds would be very versatile for winter, they have little scarves on, I almost picked up some owls dressed for winter as well, but I thought these were more fun. I really like the plaid washi, it's thinner than most washi, but not the really thin strips. I also thought I could use it for more than Christmas. I had to pick up the owl stickers, two of them have little tiny crocheted circles for their bellies, I may not use them. I also loved these "yay" tags, they were not on sale, I guess I could have used a 40% off coupon, but I always forget about it.
Next, I went to JoAnn's. I haven't gone there in awhile (except for the one out of town) because I never find anything to buy. They don't have a very good craft section and never have anything I see people haul on YouTube, today I couldn't even find their clearance section. I only went because they sent me a 60% one regular priced item coupon, sadly I couldn't find anything to spend it on.
Next up was The Dollar Tree. Once again, I didn't find what other people were hauling, my Dollar Tree is sad. Here's what I did pick up:
 Some unicorn/rainbow stickers for a PL I'm doing. A couple more of the layered/glittered stickers. Some Halloween pencils for another swap. Some blank cards, I really need more of these, I have a tendency to put off mailing things because I don't have a card to send with my RAKs or granted wishes. A sympathy cards, one of my supervisors had a death in the family.
Honey roasted peanuts (it was lunchtime), sadly they weren't very good, those will end up at work. Indulgent Trail mix, I love trying new things at the Dollar Tree, if you don't like them, at least all you spent was a dollar, there were too many raisins in this. Dr. Pepper twizzlers, I have yet to open these, but they sounded interesting. Lavender Sure Scents, my coat closet smells a lot like feet. Zombie gummy candy, why not? I drank the Cherry Coke I bought, I also put back a few stickers, but most everything was picked over.
Next up was Target, I know I was just there on Sunday, but I didn't get much time to truly shop, so I went back to look at the Dollar Spot and the candy.
Gremlins DVD, it was on sale for $4.20, and I didn't have it. All the candy here was $1.00, so why not, plus it was special Halloween candy. The gummies are specially shaped, the Reece's are pumpkin shaped, the Twix are ghost shaped and the Butterfinger are skull shaped. I love these fall stickers, I found them in the dollar spot, I also found another cute sticker book, but it was with Halloween crafts for $2, and 216 stickers. I don't need another notepad, but I saw someone haul this, and I love it, plus it doesn't have to be Halloween and there are two notepads in there, so I can gift them separately. I've been seeing people haul these stamp sets but they didn't interest me. This one has handmade by stamps in it, I can use those for everything. They are: a heart, "Handmade for you" with floral sprigs, "Made by __" and "Hand made with (a heart)". You wouldn't be able to find 4 stamps for a dollar each anywhere else, and I don't really have a handmade stamp I really like. They look pretty ok for dollar stamps.
Last stop (not exactly) was Walmart. I wanted to see if they had anything good in their Halloween section and to look at their clearance.
 And then I went down the sticker aisle, not a great choice. I picked up the fall critters, pumpkins and unicorn pegasus for 97 cents. I'm doing a flip book for someone and it might become fall themed with all the fall stuff I keep picking up, plus I grabbed the sticker book which has cute critters I could use as well. The unicorn pegasus are for the same PL as the pegasus from the Dollar Tree.
I did find some good deals in the food clearance. I picked up the Happy Birthday cards so I could have some ready to give people. Again, I have a hard time getting things to people on time because I figure I always have to make a card, I forget that people just love that you remembered to think of them. Mango filled marshmallows, these are Hello Kitty and they are so good, I've probably eaten half the bag already. Mango and strawberry hi-chew, this is an Asian chewy candy, as well as the Botan Rice Candy. Creamy chocolate biscuits, because who passes up chocolate cookies?
My actual last stop was Wendy's for lunch. I thought I'd splurge a little because I just don't for food very often.
Next time I need to go for a walk, I should just walk. I'm sure it will be better for my soul and my bank account.

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