Sunday, September 18, 2016


I know I said last time, that I was going to try and not do this, but I got lazy.
Last Friday, my friend and I went to Micheal's and a larger Dollar Tree than we have here. First up, Dollar Tree:
 slipper socks, DVDs, cards, pom pom key chain, yellow monster, owl eraser, bandaids, conditioner
My apartment is cold, so i picked up some of these socks, they are very snuggly and warm. I was surprised to find DVDs and Blu-Rays at the Dollar Tree, but there were some good movies in there, so I grabbed Parkland, Good Neighbors and another one that I can't read here, and don't remember what it was (it's probably a horror movie). I picked up a few condolence cards for co-workers. I found one of those pom pom keychains everyone's being hauling. I love these monsters, I love monsters in general, and they just make me smile. That owl is a dry-erase board eraser, but he's so cute. He's also a magnet, so he's on my refrigerator. I couldn't pass up the minion bandaids and I needed some conditioner.
 Guacachips, hazelnut spread, Nutella, Piroulines, caramel apple cuts, peanut butter pumpkin heads and some gummies.
I've seen people haul these chips, so I thought I'd try them out. They were pretty good. I wanted to see how the generic hazelnut spread stood up to the Nutella. I love Piroulines. The caramel apple cups and peanut butter heads were for friends, they weren't as good as I wanted them to be. And I can't say no to gummies.
 pirate stickers, halloween stickers, heart stickers, moving stickers, dinosaur stickers, under the sea stickers.
Do I really need to explain stickers?
 coffee stickers, flower stickers, flair stickers, binder clips, washi tape
I believe I don't need to explain this picture either. I was very excited to find the flower and flair stickers and some of the new washi. There were other washi, but I really liked these.
Next up, JoAnn's:
 I don't usually go to JoAnn's, but I wanted to see if theirs was better than ours. Not so much. I did find this punch to buy for 40% off.
Last stop (actually these are backwards, so it's the first stop), Micheal's:
 rosettes, ephemera pack, rubber stamps, spiders, drink stickers, wood pieces, mummy stickers.
I picked up the rosettes thinking I could easily take off the St. Patty's pieces and just use them as rosettes. The Halloween ephemera pack was on sale, it's Tim Holtz. The rubber stamps were on sale too. I picked up the spider clips for friends. The drink stickers turned out to be 24 cents. I've been wanting some wood pieces, so I picked up these clocks and owls. I just loved the mummy stickers.
 A couple Halloween sticker books, some charms, appliques, bling, and felt halloween stickers.
I've always wanted some of these sticker books, plus they're only $1 (cause that never got me in trouble). I picked up the frog charm because it was under $1, the flower ones because they reminded me of Hawaii, and the chain because it was basically a bracelet. I don't know why I picked up the appliques or bling. I just love the felt stickers.
 donut and whale stickers.
I was very attracted to whales on this trip.
I didn't go garage saleing last weekend or this weekend. Last weekend I felt I had spent way too much money on my trip. This weekend, I couldn't find any in my area, and I was looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday.
This weekend, my brother came in to visit and today we went out for brunch.
 I got lemon ricotta pancakes, they were great.
Afterwards we went to Target. I found out a great way to not spend money on things I don't need, go shopping with my family instead of friends.
emoji stickers, monster notebooks, stickers, washi
I picked these emoji stickers up in the dollar spot. They're not exactly what I thought (I think I got excited because they were emoji). I'm doing a Halloween swap through FB, I don't have a lot of Halloween stuff, so I picked up a few more things today. The stickers were $1, the notebooks $3, and the washi $2.

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