Monday, September 05, 2016

Catching up, again

I'm catching up again. Someday I will actually be caught up. The week of August 21st was all work. I worked about 40 hours at the bookstore and 20 at the library. It was pretty much get up, make lunch, go to work, go to other work, come home, go to bed. By the time the 28th rolled around I was ready for a break. I should have just vegged out at home, but there was a Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle fair downtown that I wanted to go to. I need a new wallet and was hoping to find one there.
Sadly, it wasn't that exciting, there was a lot of furniture and stuff I just wasn't interested in. Also, not a lot of vendors. I found something interesting in one of the stores that were open, though:
 It's a nesting doll of American presidents, it starts with Clinton and goes back five or six presidents I think.
 And a nesting doll of Soviet Leaders. I just thought they were funny so I had to grab a picture.

Monday, I went home sick. I don't know what it was, my roommate thinks it was stress. I have no idea, I felt much better on Tuesday and the rest of the week was work again.
Friday, I didn't have to go in until 11:30 at the bookstore and there was a garage sale right next door, so I checked it out.
 I picked up this whole pile of yarn for free, the only thing I bought was the corner rounder at the bottom for 50 cents.
 I don't know what these are but I liked them. Does anyone know what they are or what you're supposed to do with them?
Saturday, I didn't have to work until 1, so I went to a few sales. I have finally given up on the Mapmyrun app. It said I walked 9 miles on Saturday, which I didn't. It keeps telling me I walked about 4 more miles than I did. It's weird it has a giant diagonal line saying I walked all those extra miles in a matter of minutes. So, I got rid of it. Anyone know of a good app to track how much you walk? I don't really care about steps or calories burned or anything like that, I just like to keep track of how far I walk.
The first sale I went to had advertised kids selling cookies and lemonade, when I got there everyone was eating donuts. If they were selling donuts I totally would have bought some. I think I was a little annoyed that they were all eating donuts in front of the shoppers, so I didn't buy anything.
Here's what I picked up:
 snowman, stuffed monkey, Hello Kitty cards, die cuts,  tree necklace, minion, O character, Spongebob Squarepants stickers, a bag of carebears.
The next sale had a lot of paper crafting stuff, but I thought the prices were a bit high. From what I saw, I could get most of it at Hobby Lobby when they have their 50% off sales for the same price and they'd be brand new. I did pick up the bag of die cuts for 50 cents and a necklace for 1.75.  When I opened the bag at home, I realized there wasn't much in it and just kept a few of the diecuts.
There was a neighborhood of sales that I went to. It was fun to have so many sales so close together, but I didn't find a ton. I did pick up another snowman, I think I need to weed those down again. I also picked up the two plastic toys and the Hello Kitty cards. I like gathering minions for my desk at work. The pink one is from the movie Home, when you push the button on the top of it's head, it's hands come together to form a heart and the circle on it's belly lights up.
At the last sale, I picked up the care bears, the stuffed animal and the stickers. I can't pass up care bears, and for some reason I couldn't pass up the stuffed monkey either. I don't know why I picked up the stickers.
At the library for the month of September, we're having a staff swap table in the break room where you bring in unwanted things and other people can take them. I think it's great timing, I have finally been told I can unpack, and I have found quite a bit to take in.
I also found a few things to take home, like these:
 I'm getting into the emoji craze (though I still don't get why everyone likes the poop emoji). Apparently these were happy meal toys, I love them.
Today, my parents and I went bed shopping, so hopefully they can deliver the bed on Wednesday and I'll have a bed again. I've been sleeping on my futon mattress on the floor, which isn't so bad because it's much better than a regular futon mattress.
I also had to stop by Target for some cereal and of course found some other stuff:
washi tape, pens, planner stickers, stickers, memo pad, pencil toppers, erasers.
They had their Halloween stuff out in the Dollar Spot, I wanted to spend more time browsing, but my mom was there and she gets impatient. I had offered to have my parents just drop me off and I could walk home, so I don't know why she was impatient. I found a lot of cool things, but again talked myself out of a lot, too.
Cause I totally needed more washi, pens, stickers and notebooks. I took a chance and picked up the glitter washi. It does not flake off glitter when you breath on it, so if I go back and find some other colors, I'll pick those up. Yep, I bought some more gel pens, but these are very nice. The teal one writes very nicely over dark paper, the other colors are navy and gold. I guess those are the colors for their new stationery line. These planner stickers seem to be the new line too, I loved the little page flags on the second page (that you can't see). I wanted to use them for banners on pocket letters and flip books. I picked up the chalkboard stickers for some swaps. I don't know why I picked up the notepad, probably because it was cute and $1. I picked up the pencil toppers and erasers for some friend's Halloween/fall presents.
I spent the rest of the day unpacking. I think I have most of the kitchen unpacked. Which is a feat in itself, because I went from a full size kitchen to one probably a quarter of my other one. I have 3 cabinets and 5 drawers. I have had to weed out a lot. The plus side on that, is one of my co-workers kids just moved off to college and has no kitchen stuff. I'm finding it a little of a challenge to arrange stuff, I barely have room for my kitchenware (pots, pans, cups, plates, etc), let alone space for my food. I did move my microwave to a different spot than it has been and that gave me a bit more counter space. I think I'll have to find some counter organizing stuff. I also think I need a spice rack.
I will really need to be organized in this space because it's so small. All the rooms/closets with the exception of the bathroom in my old apartment were huge and I lived there for about 10 years, so it's an adjustment.
This week brings my last week at the bookstore and Friday I get to go shopping with a friend I haven't seen in awhile, I think it's a great end to the week.

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