Saturday, June 18, 2016

Shopping haul

I am seriously failing at not doing things I said I wasn't doing. I'm gonna give up on saying that. Anywho, I had a bad day at work on Thursday and my mother pissed me off yesterday, so I went shopping. Thursday, I had one patron who made my day bad, I felt like the car lady in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, except I couldn't say "You're fucked!" at the end, because this was real life and it was a phone call and not a face to face interaction.
So, I went to Target and the Dollar Tree today. I really don't need to buying anything since my birthday is in a couple weeks (July 2nd) I was only going to buy a few things, and I did pretty well at Target, the Dollar Tree, now that's a different story. I loaded up my cartwheel, but didn't really feel like spending much at Target, so I just checked out Bullseye's Playground and the clearance sections. School just barely got out here, but Bullseye's Playground is in back to school mode. Here's what I didn't buy:
Thought this was cute
 I really wanted it for the cake stamp
 Love erasers
 more erasers
 Thought these pencil bags were cute
 I need alpha's
 Lots of Dr. Seuss, I really wanted the chunky erasers with the quotes on them
 More Dr. Seuss
 This is the shark from Finding Nemo/Dory. There were a lot of Finding Dory things, too
 numbered washi
 apple tags
these were chalkboard tags
  these were felt
  these were like wood veneers
 a cute mason jar shaker tag
  apple linen goody bag
  graph paper tags
  felt notebook paper banner
  a very cute crate with rulers
  Love this notebook, but it had dots not lines inside
  this is what my basket looked like at first, there is a package of those Dr. Seuss erasers, wood veneer like alpha stickers, yellow ruler like washi, solid green washi, solid purple washi, a package of Finding Dory shaker stickers, a magic washcloth. Then I decided I didn't need it, so I put back everything except these:
  Hello panda cookies, felt pencil stickers and owl paper.
I spent a grand total of $3.09 I think.
Then I went across the street to Dollar Tree, bad idea. I originally went there to find these emoticon plushies I saw in Gracie's Dollar Tree haul, but my DT never seems to have stuff right when it comes out.
 Here's a very few pictures of what I didn't buy:
 this one I did buy
  these say the days of the week in the paperclip
 these also say the days of the week
  love this owl, not that I have a whiteboard.
  these new solar things looked like Dory and Nemo. They had a shelf end devoted to Finding Dory and these were on it.
Now, what I did buy (way too much):
  dried apricots, gummy bears, freeze dried peach slices, butterscotch oatmeal bars, gummy fruits, freeze dried apple slices, and wax bottles
  puffy cookies, butterfly cookies, cream cheese and chive crackers, pirouline chocolate hazelnut, and palmeritas.
 Sadly, I found out I don't like dried nectarines, freeze dried peach slices, puffy cookies or the butterfly cookies. I guess it's good I only spent $1 for each of them. I usually don't go down the cookie aisle, but Cheap Crafty Girl had the puffy cookies in one of her last hauls and I really wanted to try them.
 I almost bought all the lace looking stickers I found, I was surprised I found them, my DT is not very good at having the stickers I see in hauls, plus they were hidden behind some others. I was also surprised to have found the glittery owls and flowers. The other glittery ones were there too, I just wasn't interested. I also saw the dimensional flowery looking ones, the ones with the pansies and daffodils, but I wasn't interested in those either.
  a solar frog, ice cream and owl stickers, mini butterfly gift bags, a flower bookmark, gel pens, a pink jeweled pen, and up at the top, the one thing I actually went for, hand soap.
I spent about $42. That's more than the time I gave myself permission to spend money. But, I don't feel bad about any of it. I bought multiples of the stickers for a friend. I'm not too pleased with the cookies, but they will be going to my work, and like I said at least they were only $1, I'd be really disappointed if I spent more than that for them.

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