Saturday, June 25, 2016

Long Walk

So, my app says I walked 7.8 miles today. I'm not sure I believe that, when I went to calculate it online, it said it was only about 6.8 miles. Either way, I was pooped when I got home. Took a shower, and took a nap for most of the day.
Here's what I picked up (nothing I need), but I love doing this.
 2 frogs, the blue one was free, the green was 25 cents
 The ornament, Batman and the lizard were free. The Wizard of Oz toys were 25 cents for the set
 The pig was 25 cents, the clown was 10 cents, Stimpy was free and the rest were 25 cents each
 I don't recall how much these were, but the bunny rabbit was $1.00
 The snowmen and the boxes came together, I believe they were 50 cents, the rest came together as well, I believe they were 50 cents too. I'm not entirely sure. I bought everything in this picture, the one above it, and the one above that except the clown and pig, and somehow it came out to $4.25
The Hello Kitty stickers and the pom pom guy were 50 cents together. The other stuff was free.

At one point, I looked at my app and it said I had walked 4 miles. Four miles just doesn't seem that much anymore. I guess when I walk about that much every time I go garage saleing, it just seems like less.
The sale I spent the most at, was selling water and I was kicking myself for not buying one the first time I stopped, so since it was on my way back home, I stopped and bought one. After drinking it, I had enough energy to make it home. There were some sales (turned out to be four) in a neighborhood that I normally don't go to unless there's other ones nearby. I don't think it was really worth it to walk over there, all I got was in that last picture. I do love the Hello Kitty stickers, but I could easily never have known they were there and been fine.

I have a staff pool party that I told someone I'd go to tonight, I'm so tired, I'm afraid I'll fall asleep on a tube in the lazy river.

I really need to pack. It's about a month away and I'm not really closer than I was at the beginning of the month. If someone could just come over and wash all my dishes and pack them up, that would help a lot. I figure, I've got the kitchen (which is a disaster), the equivalent of one bookcase full of books, my desk, the cabinet under my TV, my DVDs, and a chest in my bedroom. And then, there's all my art stuff. I need to finish two pocket letters and get them out by Tuesday. I have a birthday gift I need to send out, then I should be finished with art stuff. I kinda wanna leave my art room until last, because it helps me keep my sanity.

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