Saturday, June 11, 2016

Garage sales haul

Not too exciting of garage sales this weekend. I had yesterday off because I'm working this afternoon. I walked about 4.15 miles. One of the sales I wanted to go to, didn't start until 10AM, so I waited until 10 to start out. I went to four sales yesterday, and sadly the one that didn't start until 10 was a bust, it had a lot of antique things for antique store prices.
I found a few things though, the second sale I went to:
 I've been collecting Care Bears lately, I also found this cute necklace of a girl with an "m" on her dress. I thought it'd be great to use on art.
This next sale I spent about $5 at:
 I picked up the shirt for the fabric, it's a burn-out velvet. There's a dresser scarf I plan to send with a future PL. There's also a day-by-day calendar of word searches, like I really need another 'activity book'
I picked up some alphabet stickers, a foam ladybug sticker, some napkins and a glass ball. I figured I could use these for art.
Today, was a little better, I walked about 3.48 miles. Sadly, most of the sales I went to were duds. I had 4 on my list, I found another one while I was out.
The first sale I went to:
 I couldn't pass up the Yoshi (I think that's who it is), and the mushroom head guy. The purple dragon is very soft and I just love the turtle. Those were $1 altogether.
At this same sale they had this birdhouse:
 that they were asking $100 for.
The next few sales were not very interesting, I did pick up a few free things:
Mostly for my co-worker who is collecting superheroes.

I was really annoyed with one sale, that I basically walked out of my way for. They advertised as being open Thursday and Saturday. Last night they changed the time due to heat, and when I went over there today, it didn't exist. And when I looked on the facebook page I got it from, they had taken down their ad.

The heat has been very warm lately. We are in a heat advisory until tomorrow (I think). So, I get changing times due to heat. This morning it was very overcast and felt like rain, but all the radar said no rain.

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