Wednesday, June 29, 2016

An adventure

My aunt and I traveled to a city about 2 hours north of here. My aunt texted me on Sunday asking if I wanted to check it out this week, I said sure. It wasn't as interesting as I hoped it would be. We decided at one time it was really hopping, but not so much now. When we were on our way out of town, we found most things had gone from downtown to the outskirts of town. There were a lot of strip malls with big stores and restaurants. All the interesting buildings and sculptures were downtown. It was very sad that there wasn't a lot going on downtown.
This bear was outside the library:
 This moose was by the mall:
 We went to the Frank Lloyd Wright hotel. That was pretty cool. Sadly, Wednesday is the one day they weren't doing tours, go figure. We did get to look around ourselves.
Found some interesting looking chairs in a lounge area
 Also, love the carpet, it reminded me of his stained glass
 There was a 'living room' sculpture in their park. The chair
 And the couch
 This was in front of their Civil War memorial (you can kinda see it in the background on the right)
 The otter was in front of some stores
 This was a really cool looking apartment building
 This lady's dress looks like it's made out of concrete. Sadly, the plaque that told about it, didn't say. You can see that there's a cage of rebar and then the skirt.
 A fish and friends
 This one was called The Sitting Couple, the plaque encouraged you to sit on it and take a moment.
 We got some pre-lunch ice cream at a place called Birdsall's which was the place to go for ice cream. We then walked to The Quarry for lunch. I got a vegetarian sandwich. It was delicious.
 This was a gate into an alleyway
 I loved the look of this building, I wish I knew what it originally was.
 I thought this was Humpty Dumpty, I think he's my favorite sculpture. His name is actually Mr. Eggwards
We also visited the childhood home of Meredith Willson and The Music Man square. That was interesting. It was kinda weird, but the bottom floor of his house is set up, just like my parents old house. By that time it was about 3 and we were ready to leave.
 On the way out of town we found a Dollar Tree. It is bigger than the one here, and I found some of the new stuff I've been looking for.
 a cutting board, honey buns, dried pineapple and papaya, cookies
 Those cookies are yummy!!
 Frozen cup, Minions cup, gift bag, animal squirters, Almonette cookies, and some chocolate
 I hit the jackpot with cookies this time. A few weeks ago, I picked up some cookies at my DT, and they were not very good, but these are so good. I got a couple more plastic cups, Frozen with Olaf on a sunny day, and a Minions one, it's actually a moving picture, depending on which way you turn it, you can see the minions move and the fireworks explode. I picked up the fish squirters, just for fun and the gift bag because I love the pattern. I was thinking I could cut out the images and use them in art.
 a journal, coffee stickers, bird stickers, underwater stickers, flower stickers, Lisa Frank sticker book.
 I finally found some of those new DT stickers. Coupontoprovide mentioned that these dimensional stickers are just the same image layered with foam tape, so you could peel them apart and have double the stickers. I love that idea, especially with the bird ones. I wasn't going to buy the coffee ones, but up close, they are really cute. There were some of the 'Love' ones there, but I wasn't interested in those. I did buy two sheets of the birds and the flowers. I also picked up the Lisa Frank sticker book, someone had flipped through one the other day on YouTube and I love some of the larger stickers.
 a funky pen, cat stickers, a notebook, some of the new DT washi.
I'm trying to fill my pen cup at work with pens with big round tops, I thought this was a cute one to add. These are the Lisa Frank-ish cat stickers I've seen. I picked up the notebook because it was cute, I can always send it off in a swap in the future. And I finally found some washi. Weirdly enough the animal one on the bottom row, is smaller than the rest of them, it doesn't look opened, I'm a little disappointed in that. I'm also disappointed in the washi. When I looked at it more closely at home, it's not what I would define washi as. The first washi I picked up, was at a store that mostly sold washi, it's the thickness of tissue paper. That's what I like, these are more the thickness of computer paper, and are not as translucent. I really don't like them. I like that you get quite a bit, but I don't think I'll be buying more in the future if I find it, unless it's something really cool, like owls.

I would be doing much better at my spending freeze if I would stop going to the dollar tree. I spent about $30 this week, last week $20, and the week before that $40. I need to stop spending. There was a Hobby Lobby right next to this Dollar Tree, and my aunt asked if I wanted to go over there. Since all I ever do is go to the clearance section and I believe there's a sticker sale going on now. I said no. I know different stores put different stuff on clearance, but after all the great stuff I found at the Dollar Tree, I knew it was better to not be tempted.

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