Saturday, April 23, 2016

Garage saleing

It's garage saleing time. I was going to go to a few yesterday, but after being on my feet all morning, I talked myself out of it.
I'm afraid that might happen more often this year. I open at the library on Friday mornings, I wonder if I just couldn't take an hour or so break and then go back out.
Anywho, I went to 5 sales this morning (it would have been 6, but one didn't start until 11). Most of the sales I went to, were close together.
I really wanted to buy something, mostly cause it was the first sale of the season I went to. There was also a box of stamps, but I didn't buy anything. I talked myself out of a cross stitched piece.
I picked up an Alf puppet from the free bin, there was a packet of colored paper I almost bought.
There were two more sales in the next block, I picked up a Care Bear for my collection for $1.00.
I had two sales left on my list, as I headed to one, I realized it didn't start until 11, it was 8:50. I find it weird that people wait so late in the morning to start their sales. I get out of the house at 8 or a little after, I'm not gonna wait around til 10 or 11 for a sale.
I didn't buy anything at the last sale either.
This makes me think about what's on my list for this year.
1. Buttons (always)
2. vintage stuff (mostly trim, but whatever)
3. Baked goods (always)
4. craft supplies

I'm not sure what else is on there. A few of my co-workers have asked me to keep an eye out for a few things. They know I won't buy it if it's too expensive.

I had a great post in my head, and then I took a shower, and it's gone. I've learned, I need to take the shower shortly after I get home, it feels really gross to let thee sweat dry on my skin. I walk everywhere, and I usually average about 4 miles everytime I go garage saleing. I didn't think I walked that much this morning, but when I got home, my phone said I walked 3.56 miles and burned 409 calories. I downloaded an app from Map My Run just to see how much I wander around in stores. I usually log my walking into the Map my run website, but I think the app is a little more accurate. I also like that it has a map, so I can see where I am. I mean, I don't get lost, but sometimes I not sure the best way to get to stuff.
Today, I learned I should drink a glass of water before I leave, and one when I get home. I switched purses today, this one works great. The one I had last year, was a little too small to hold my list of sales and my bag and my wallet.
Next week I work Saturday, so I have Friday off, I'm hoping there will be some good sales Friday morning. The week after that is a citywide garage sale of a close city, and I'm really excited about that.

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