Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Massive Shopping Haul

I know I should really go to bed and post this tomorrow, but I want to finish it while it's still on my mind. I gave myself permission to spend money on things today, with the idea that I wouldn't buy anything I didn't need after this (except for garage sales, because garage sales help me keep my sanity). So, I spent way too much money, but I should be set on things for pocket letters and anything I want to make and send through the mail.
I started out at The Dollar Tree:
 Gummy bears, that neat vintagey duct tape people keep talking about, and a few notecards. I've been decorating the outsides of my envelopes when I send them out, and this tape was just randomly sitting in a bin, so I thought I'd get it. I'm also loving sending cards with things I send out, I used to make the cards, but sometimes things would get delayed because I had to make a card, so I started picking up cards to just have. I totally talked myself out of the gummy peaches, surprise Hello Kitty chocolate eggs and a few other things.
 Some puffy alphabet stickers, some frame stickers, a couple sock coin purses, and a couple fabric tape rolls. I made a flip book last night, and I was adding some letters and realized I don't really have any alphabet stickers, so those were on my list for today, I really like these. The frame stickers were just cool. I love the sock coin purses, a few years ago, they actually had tiny socks, like baby socks that they made into coin purses, these aren't really socks. I bought one for a friend. I love that I found the fabric tape at my Dollar Tree after seeing it on people's haul videos on Youtube, and I bought two cause once you find it, you never find it again (like their neat canvasy pencil pouches).
 More stickers. I love owls, you will see a lot more in this post, and I'll probably have to make an owl pocket letter or flip book to justify how many I bought today. I saw the pearls I've been seeing, so I got the teal, there was only one of these. The pen is really cute, every time you click it, it changes sayings, I thought it would be fun to include with some happy mail to someone. And some activity books, if you've been reading for awhile, you know I don't need anymore of these, I just love them.
I didn't take a picture of the tiny buckets I bought to use as garbage when I create, I'm really good at just throwing my garbage on the floor, I thought these would help, or the sponges, cause who really needs to see pictures of sponges.
Next stop, was Target
 The multi paper pad set from the dollar spot for $3, mini envelopes for $2, flag paper clips for $1, some clothespins for $1, two Scotch tapes for $.88 each, and some tags for $1. I saw the paper pad set last week, and talked myself out of it, and then proceeded to think about it all week, so I bought it, I'm not sure I'll use it, but I can send some of it for goodies. I bought two of the tapes because I thought I could send one for goodies as well.
I noticed there was a set of 12 clothespins with pastel decorations on them in the dollar spot for $3, if anyone's interested.
I also picked up some socks for a wish I fulfilled on Lori's wishing video. And some blue mountain dew. I used up the last of my gift cards which I feel I used way too much on crafting supplies.
Next stop was Walmart
 I went in the sticker section all because CheapCraftyGirl says she finds a lot there, bad decision, I totally blame her. Panda stickers, monster stickers, robot stickers and a tiny clipboard.
The sticker aisle is not the aisle to go down, and I only looked at the 97 cent stickers. I picked up the tiny clipboard because I love the miniature notebook paper on it, it was also 97 cents.
 Xmas tree clothespins, 3 bottles of purell, flower clothespins, some gummy watermelon. These two packs of clothespins were sitting in a box of miscellaneous items in the crafty aisle. The Xmas ones were 10 cents, I thought I could save them for pocket letters next Christmas. The Purell's were in the clearance section for 75 cents each, I thought I could send them along. The gummy watermelon just looked good, until I got home and realized it said sour.
There are no pictures of the nightgown and flats I picked up.
owl stickers, robot stickers, mini forest stickers, gold script letter stickers, owl stickers and cat/dog stickers. All of these were 97 cents. So, can you see a pattern of owl stickers? I picked up the gold script because I really liked the look of it. And the others were just cute.Last stop was Hobby Lobby
 Most of what I picked up was in the clearance section, which I always visit, but I usually limit myself to stuff under $1, I went a little higher today.
Round paper clips for $1.79, washi tape for $2, jar die cuts for $1.99, and a hedgehog charm for $2.
I should be well supplied for paper clips and clothespins for pocket letters now. I picked up the washi mostly for the checkered one, I've noticed when I look at washi there always seems to be one I want and one I don't. I'll probably send the British flag to someone. I love these little jar die cuts, everyone seems to be obsessed with the jar thing, I'm not really interested in punches or stamps, but I liked these.
 owl stickers, monster stickers, travel labels, ATC size cards and bags, sea themed ATCs, travel themed ATCs, mini gift cards and an owl needle craft.
Again with the monsters and owls, these were both $1.99, they have a kraft paper background look with glitter and there's two sheets in each pack. So, this is a really bad picture for those labels, basically they're address label size (like to address a package to someone), I thought they were really cute for $1.79. The ATC sized things I think will be perfect for backgrounds, and the bags I can put things in in pocket letters, they were all $1.50 each. The mini gift cards are a burlap pattern, they were $1. And an owl, it looks like you thread colored thread through the holes, that was $3.59
 The pack at the top was called Baby Sn@p pack, tiny x-acto knives, refill tape for my tombo dispenser, two 6x6 paper packs. I bought the paper pack because it has some very cute not baby cards and elephants, it was $5.99, I'll probably sort out the baby items and swap with someone, I don't know anyone that's having a baby anytime soon. The whole reason for my trip was for tape refills and 6x6 paper. I really wanted double sided paper, but paper is expensive, the paper was $5.99 each. After making my flip book last night, I want to do more, and then I ran out of tape, I used my 40% off on that making it $7.19, cause tape is expensive too (originally $11.99 for the three-pack). I didn't have any6x6 paper in my comfortable colors, someone sent me a pack of bright 6x6 paper in the past and I used that, but it was a little bright. I picked up the knives because I don't have a craft knife and they were cute, they were $1.99
There was also a trip to Wendy's for lunch in there. I totally weeded down what I picked up at Hobby Lobby after guestimating how much my original pile would be.
I went after work about 1:30, and got home about 6pm. It's always nice to be on my feet all day. I finally had supper at about 8:30, and I'm now winding down to go to bed. At least tomorrow's my day off.
I really want to start creating something new, but my craft space is a hallway, and when I get out everything to create, it looks like this:
That's looking to the east, toward my bedroom, I'm standing at the west at the top of my stairs, somewhere in the middle is the doorway to my living room. So, it's not very convenient, and since I suck at organizing my craft supplies, it all comes out. It's much nicer at the moment, there are patches of floor, but I still have to take large strides to get to my bedroom. Also, it's been very warm lately (80 degrees in my apartment), so the AC guy is coming soon, and he has to have access to all the rooms. So, I might have to hold off of creating for a little while.

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