Saturday, April 09, 2016

Week of April 3rd

I've been reading some past blog posts and think I should restart my weekly update, if not for you, than for me. Not that I've been doing a lot.
Sunday, was my mother's extended family Easter. It was fun, but it was really windy and the place we had it, didn't have a lot of great places to hide eggs. There were only 3 people looking for eggs and one doesn't turn one until the 28th, so not that great. We had a lot of great food, though. Lately when I go to my family get-togethers it's not as much fun as it used to be. No one really talks to me and they're not very interested in my life. They are very interested in my cousin's new baby, I'm not that great with babies and I don't really get into them like most other ladies seem to, so I'm not really interested in the baby. On the way home, I learned my parents are going on a cruise with my brother, his girlfriend and her parents around Europe. I'm not interested in going, but I am a little jealous that they'll be able to go on this really fun vacation, and now that I get vacation days (and don't have to worry about the money I'm not making by going on vacation), I wish I had somewhere to do. I was also saddened that I basically heard it second-hand. They were talking about it with relatives at the Easter get-together, and I don't know when it is, but I'm guessing late April or early May. I suppose it would have to be after school gets out so it works in my mother's schedule. It really bummed me out.
Monday, it was windy. I'm getting really tired of the wind. It's been in the 40's but feels like the 30's because of the wind, and since I live on the 3rd floor, it always sounds way worse than it is. I want to go shopping, but it's also been saying it's going to rain, and when it's not very warm until later in the afternoon when I have to go to work or close to when I have to go to work, I don't want to go. Once again, I've been watching YouTube and loving the videos of people's hauls and what they've found at stores. I have a few Target gift cards to use up, so I wouldn't actually be spending money. I've wanted to go and look at after Easter stuff, but there wasn't anything I didn't get myself for Easter that I still wanted. I've noticed that when I read or see a lot of people getting a certain something I want it, even if I know I'll never use it. That happened with milk glass, when I finally bought myself a toothpick holder, I didn't understand what all the hype was about. Now, it's notepads and pens and stationery stuff that I see everyone getting from the dollar spot at Target. So, I didn't do much on Monday, I finally finished a book that has been renewed way too many times. One of the perks of working at the library, is that I get more renewals on my items than the patrons, but that can also be a bad thing. I have a tendency to not read things as fast as I should. I'm trying to finish the 20 or so books I have sitting on my floor. My goal is to have them finished before I move, that shouldn't be that hard. Though, I also need to stop picking up the books that are 300+ pages. The one I finished on Monday was almost 400, the one I finished yesterday was almost 600 and one I'm in the middle of is almost 900. I also broke a cute necklace, or more I took it off and the spring in the clasp broke. So, since I have coupons for JoAnn's I guess I'll be going there soon.
Tuesday, my schedule changed a little to help a co-worker, so I worked the evening shift instead of the morning, that threw me off a little. It was nice to sleep in, but I had to remember to go in in the evening. On my other blog, I've been mentioning pocket letters. And I've been trying to find people to swap with. A couple YouTubers said they'd swap with me and I found a beginner's Pocket letter group on Facebook so I joined that. I now have 4 people that are willing to swap with me, so I need to get started. I'm a little stressed about my healthcare. I do get benefits now that I'm salaried, unfortunately I don't make enough to be able to afford what the city gives for healthcare, so I signed up through the marketplace. Since, I don't make a lot, I qualified for a discount, I just had to send them some extra paperwork. So, I uploaded it in December, fast forward to March where they sent me a letter saying I still needed to give it to them. So, I mailed it to them. Halfway through March I got a second notice. I called the marketplace help line and the guy said all he could see is what I see, how is that helpful? I uploaded it again, including something I didn't realize I needed and mailed it to them. Tuesday, I got the same damn letter, except it was a final notice. There's nothing more I can do, there's no number to call to verify that they got it, or that it's the correct information. I don't have anything else, so it has to be the correct information. I'm afraid that once the end of the month gets here, I won't get the discount, I'll have to cancel my health insurance (cause I can't afford the full price of the marketplace either), and then I'll have to go back to Planned Parenthood (they're not bad, I just had a heck of time with making appointments that worked for both of us), and have to pay the penalty for not having health insurance because I can't talk to someone. I guess I'll have to start looking for another job again.
Wednesday is my laundry day. I'm tired of walking somewhere to do laundry, at least it's free. I totally planned to go to Target and shop, there are a few things I need, plus I have cartwheel savings for one of them, but as I was coming home from doing laundry it rained on me. My weather app didn't tell me it was supposed to rain. So, I ate lunch, watched movies and got stuck on Youtube. And I stayed up way too late.
Thursday. I've already got stuck on YouTube. I was going to check all my morning stuff on my Kindle and not get out my computer, but it was doing something weird with my Facebook messages, so I got out the computer. It's all downhill after that.
Friday was a waste of a day, I got lost watching movies and youtube. I did get dressed and go to the post office, because I promised someone I'd mail something out, and I didn't have an excuse not to do it, except I'm lazy. So, I went to Fareway as well. I really need to get some pasta mixes and bake my fish and mix it together. The bottom half of my freezer is full of fish, hamburger, pork pieces, and chicken. I really need to bake it up and eat it. Saturday, my mom and I are going to a fashion show, I texted her on Thursday asking what her plan is and I haven't heard back from her. I'm guessing she'll either call or text me tomorrow morning and try to make a plan and then get bothered because I have to work and won't be able to respond right away to her. It's frustrating that she waits until the last minute to make plans. I do want to plan my days, or at least my time in between work and when we go to the show.
Saturday, worked, made an absolute mess on my floor getting ready to create some pocket letters and then went to the fashion show. It was fun, but kinda boring this year, we were kinda far back so it was hard to see the clothes. My favorite parts of it were the plus size models (which I feel I never see in the fashion show) and the post it note outfit

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