Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Target, Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby Haul

I went shopping yesterday, again I was hoping to find some of the great stuff I keep seeing on YouTube, but I guess I should just accept the fact that my stores are not as great as other people's stores. My town is not huge, it only gets bigger 9 months of the year when the college students are here, sadly they go elsewhere to shop.
I worked yesterday morning and went shopping after work, I don't have a car, so I walk everywhere. My first stop was Target, please excuse my foot at the bottom of the picture, I didn't notice it there until I was editing the picture.
I wanted to check out the dollar spot at Target, sadly there wasn't too much that was new. I did find the two washi tape the black stripe and the gold stripe both for $1. I had picked up some gold stripe tape Christmas season of 2014 and used it all up, I almost got two rolls of this tape, but I decided I liked the black stripe tape as well. I love the Hello cards for $1, I keep seeing people pick up these cute notecards and I wanted some, when I want to write a little note and not have to make a card. I also picked up the Zootopia eraser for a friend. I love the blue garden gnome, he was $3, I picked him up for my desk at work, thought I'm at my desk so little, I'm not sure why I did. I saw the fruit erasers in someone's haul video, I love erasers. I don't use a lot of pencils, or erasers, but I love collecting them, especially when they're only $1.00. I've also been on the lookout for cute tights for awhile, so when I found these daisy tights ($8), I thought I'd get them.
I did talk myself out of some notebooks. I don't use notebooks, but I keep seeing people haul them. I found the set of notebooks that had three sticky flags, three small square notebooks and a large one that were so cute, but I only wanted them to send them to people with pocket letters. I also saw the notebook with the gold hearts and pen, and talked myself out of that. I have so much stuff at home that I don't use and will probably send with pocket letters, that I really don't need more.
I was supposed to look at their jewelry, but I keep forgetting. I want some simple black dangly earrings. I also want to go to Claire's and check out what they have, I keep hearing about sales they have there, and want to go. My Claire's is in a mall where there's a few other stores I want to go to, and I'm not that great at talking myself out of stuff.
My next stop was the Dollar Tree:
 Again, I was looking for stuff I see in people's hauls, especially the cool bow and rose stickers, but didn't find those. Like I said, my stores are kinda sad. I feel every time I go to the Dollar Tree, it's pretty picked over, yesterday they did have a lot of boxes out but it didn't really look like they were stocking anything. I love the Dollar Tree because everything's $1.00. My friend and I usually go, but she's been working a ton lately, so we haven't made it to the bigger ones down the road.
I did pick up some cute owl pencil sharpeners. I love owls. Some Velcro fasteners, I saw someone use these for an envelope in a craft video. A cute emoji pen, saw this on someone else's haul video. I have some pens at work that are pom pom monsters, they have big heads like this guy, I thought it would be cool to have a whole mug of giant circle head pens. And gummy jelly fruits, I love these, I can't pass them up.
I went to JoAnn's, too. I've decided there's nothing I want in my JoAnn's, every time I go there, I never find anything to buy. They don't have the dollar bins anymore, they barely have any papercrafting supplies, I never see good paper or stickers. So, I've given up on mine, maybe next time I'm in Ankeny, I'll check that one out. I had a coupon for 15% off my total purchase, I was trying to find a pencil pouch for a wish I granted in Lori's wish video and a chain and clasp for a necklace I broke (or more it broke when I touched it) Monday night.
My last stop was Hobby Lobby. I try not to buy anything for full price at Hobby Lobby, they always seem to be having sales and I love their clearance section.
I picked up this cute robot wood piece for $.40, these two jewelry pieces for $1.50 each and some washi tape. They were having a paperstudio sale where everything was 50% off, so I thought I'd pick up some washi. I'm hoping I'll actually use this washi. I'm really good at picking up washi but not actually using it. I thought these patterns would be easy and versatile.

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