Sunday, March 06, 2016


I went shopping yesterday. I've been seeing people's great Easter finds, so I went to fill up my Easter basket and find some cool stuff for friends.
I went to Dollar Tree last, but the pictures are backwards, because it was how the bags were layered in my bigger bag. I always take a large bag to put all my purchases in because it's easier than carrying multiple bags because I'm walking. Anywho, here's my purchases:
 a lighter for candles, body wash, gummy candy, a metal bookmark, some post note arrows, Hershey kisses with hazelnuts, key lime pie and tiramisu dessert chocolates, Pez gummy bears, bunny washi tape, and some push pins.
I have some candles from my 12 Days of Christmas swap, and while I'm not a huge fan of candles, they smelled so good just sitting, I thought I'd light them, but my lighter thing wasn't working. I didn't know where to find them in the stores, but walked down the right aisle at the Dollar Tree and there it was. I've been needing some body wash, but I don't like to spend a lot of money for it, so it's the perfect price at Dollar Tree. The candy aisle is a very bad place to walk down in Dollar Tree, they have some great candy, I bought some gummy Pez candy, some gummy fruit candy (I devoured them today, the pear, tastes just like pear, soo good), there's key lime pie and tiramisu chocolates and Hershey kisses with hazelnuts in them. I bought some push pins for work, and some post-it note tags for my books, I have a hard time remembering where I finish reading in a book unless it's at the end of a paragraph, so I thought these would help. I bought a neat metal bookmark and some bunny washi tape for an Easter basket.
Next up, is Walmart:
 some rose chocolates, a set of owl kitchen towels, etc, purple mini clothespins, hairbands, and some chalkboard butterfly clips for an Easter basket.
The rose chocolates were from Valentine's Day and on sale, but I thought they'd be cute to put in Easter baskets. The owl towel set has towels, hot pads, oven mitts, and washcloths, I thought they'd be great for my new apartment, I'm packing them somewhere and not use them until after I move.
I've run out of hair ties and since I didn't cut my hair this year, it's getting very long. I'm going to have to figure out something new to do with it. It hits the middle of my chest, and all I do with it is put it in a braid, French braid or pony tail. Anyone know any easy things to do with long hair?
The tiny purple clothespins and butterfly clips for an Easter basket. I thought I'd glue some tiny MOP buttons to the purple clothespins.
First store I went to was Target:
 A package of gummy bears, Minions chocolate egg, an Avengers chocolate egg, a Star Wars chocolate egg, and some Cadbury cookies
The gummy bears are for an Easter basket. I actually bought two of these Minion eggs, they have a Minion toy inside the egg. The Avengers and Star Wars eggs also have toys inside them, they are fro my friends' Easter baskets. The Cadbury cookies had discounts through the Cartwheel app, and they sounded yummy to try. I find it's really nice when there's something I want to try and it's on the Cartwheel app.
A Scotch ideas book, some Spring stickers, cute pencils, some sticky notes, Minion Easter eggs, green paper 'grass', two Minion puzzle erasers, and some mini clothespins.
All the Minion stuff went into my Easter basket. The Scotch book, pencils, sticky notes and clothespins were for an Easter basket. I bought the 'grass' to make spring/summer altered Altoid tins.

I asked one of my co-workers if I could create an Easter basket for her, and she said yes (I don't run into a lot of people that say no, if you want to give them a gift). If you read my last post, you know I wanted to create an Easter basket for someone. Since, Easter is at the end of March, I figured it was a little late to find a swap, so I'm putting together one for a friend. I always put together a little thing for another few friends, so I have a couple things for other friends.
My Easter basket is full, so I'm not buying anything else for myself. I probably won't buy anything else for my friends either, I might find some more stuff around my apartment, though.
I have been such a slacker on getting things done lately, it took a lot to drag myself out to go shopping yesterday. I have been watching Piinksparkles on Youtube. She's so cute, and buys such neat stuff, I totally got sucked in.

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