Saturday, March 26, 2016

Shopping Haul

I've been sucked into YouTube and the videos on all the shopping hauls (I didn't know that's what they're called now, I'm embracing it) people are doing. Sadly, my Dollar Tree, Target and it seems every other store I have are not near as cool as the stores people shop at. I know they live in bigger cities and have multiples in their cities, but I watch the videos and want what they have. So, I go shopping and get disappointed that I don't always find what they're buying. And since shopping makes me so happy (whether or not I have space for things, or really use things), I go shopping.
So, I've been shopping, the first few pictures are from a few weeks ago, my friend and I went to check out a new store, that ended up being closed because of spring break, but as you can see I still found stuff to buy.
First stop, Mayhem Comics:

 Litchi flavored Ramune, Chucky key chain, Storm figure, Wolverine figure.
I love Ramune, it's kind of like Sprite, but comes in many flavors, this time I chose to try Litchi, sadly it wasn't very good. Last time I was at Mayhem, I really wanted this Chucky keychain and it was still there when I went back this time, so I figured I should buy it. The two X-Men figures were in a couple blind bags that were on clearance. I love the Wolverine one, though I'm not quite sure why he's stepping on a skull, that's kinda weird.
Hy-Vee, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann's and a few other stores are in a strip mall altogether, so I have to stop at all of them when I go.
Next stop, Hy-Vee:
 I picked up a few Russell  Stover eggs for Easter baskets, fudge brownie for my mother, maple cream for my dad, and birthday cake for me.
Next up, Hobby Lobby:
 I try not to buy full price things at Hobby Lobby because there is certainly nothing I need (mostly) there. I always stop at the clearance section in the back and try not to buy things that are more than $2.00. This time I picked up some patterned tags, some baby stickers, Star Wars pins and some Goop. I really did need some E6000, because I misplaced mine (and then of course found it after buying a replacement, typical), I couldn't find any clear though, the two they had at Hobby Lobby dried white or black, I didn't even know those existed. So, I bought the Goop, which looked about the same, when I used it the other day, it's very smelly. I hope it works though. I bought the baby stickers because I had bought some wedding ones kinda like these where you could take out the wedding sticker and still use the frame, so I got these with the same idea.
Last stop that day, was an Asian food store.
 I love the Asian food stores we have. I'm always trying to try new foods and these places always have something different, unfortunately, mostly everything's in an Asian language so I don't know what I'm getting, so it's always hit or miss. Usually I find something good, if not I either take it to the library, or give it to a friend, everyone wins.
Anywho, egg tarts, cake balls, some kind of bread/cake, and a milk drink. I've had the egg tarts at an international food thing before, the cake balls I googled, they kinda dissolve in your mouth, they're a nice light sweet snack. I haven't quite figured out what the bread/cake things are, but they're yummy. And I've had the milk drink before, it's kinda like milk with a spice in it.

These next ones are from me wanting to get all the cool stuff from people's videos. I really wanted to go last weekend, but I also didn't want to go out of the house, and you can't really have both. I have a few Target gift cards that I wanted to spend.
 I'd seen so many cool things in the videos about stuff in the Target dollar spot, that I really wanted to know if my Target had them. They had quite a few, but not near as many. I found Epic for $4.75, that's a great deal since I've been wanting this movie for awhile. I had cartwheel savings for the Star Wars puzzle and the Frozen blind bag. I got the Star Wars eraser puzzle for a friend, it ended up having Kylo Ren and the orange/white robot. The Frozen had Kristoff, I really wanted the girls or Olaf, basically I bought it because my Cartwheel put it at 50% and my Target gift card made everything I picked up at Target free. I love buying notebooks, pens and pencils, so when I saw the Dr. Seuss pencils in the dollar spot, I picked them up. The boxes were my solution to needing small 'baskets' for Easter presents.
Everything here is from the Dollar Spot except the bowl, the pens and the paper clips. I've been wanting a tiny post-it notepad since I bought the cute Easter ones for Easter baskets a few weeks ago, but they didn't have any of the Easter ones left, so I picked up this set that has a tiny post-it note, a larger magnet and a pen with it. I love the wooden buttons. The zig zags are stickers. There were other paper clips in the dollar spot, but these were $0.88 on clearance. I bought the cards cause they were cute and blank. And pens, explanation above.
Next up Dollar Tree
 Gummy fruit, S'more crunch, gummy peach slices, gummy carrots, Hello Kitty surprise egg, life savers, chocolate seashells, and chocolate chicks. I have to say Dollar Tree has some surprisingly good candy, it's a very interesting selection, very different than you'd find in other places, and for a dollar who passes that up? The gummy carrots and lifesavers are for my family Easter next weekend.
I picked up the bag for a friend who has a birthday on Monday, I looked at the gift bags in Target because I had cartwheel savings, but they still weren't $1. Another set of notepads, more pens, some candles and a cute pencil bag. I saw this on one of the videos and I love that they had it, sadly they didn't have any of the cute stickers that the videos had. But, my Dollar Tree's kinda sad.
Now all my pens, pencils and notepads from this haul are living in the pencil bag, but they have nowhere else to go. The Ramune has been drunk, Chucky is on my bag, Wolverine is sitting with other geeky stuff on my shelves, I already had Storm, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with her.
The eggs have gone into their respective Easter baskets. The tags and stickers have gone into my craft space as has the Goop. The pins were used for a present. I've tried and shared all the things I got at the Asian food store.
Epic is on my movie shelf, the Star Wars figure has gone toward a present, the boxes have been used as Easter baskets, Kristoff has gone to work. Mostly I haven't done anything with the writing implements and the notepads. I'm sure they'll get use some day. And I really need to stop spending money. As much pleasure as shopping gives me, it is hard to do.
Find anything cool in your neck of the woods?

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LV said...

Do whatever you enjoy as there is no promise of tomorrow. I Love the chocolate, marshmallow eggs.