Friday, March 25, 2016

Handmade Etsy Swap

I joined a swap through Chaotic Goddesses a month or so ago, called the Handmade Love Etsy Swap.
Handmade Love Etsy Swap

For this swap, we were supposed to load up our Etsy favorites and our partner buys some stuff up to $20 and sends it to us.
I joined this swap for two reasons, I really wanted to do a swap (I love swaps) and I like collecting art from other people.
There were an odd number of people that signed up, so it wasn't just a one-to-one swap. I was paired with a partner to send to and a different person was sending to me.
My person to send to was one of the swap hostesses, Angie of My So Called Chaos.
She really likes elephants, home décor and skeletons. So, I bought her a pair of skull earrings and a handmade elephant chain.
I also altered a box for her. Skeletons and not something I have a lot of, but I found just enough material to make her this:

 Head over to my other blog to read about the process.
Judy from The Knotty Needle sent me a package. Here's what she sent me (sorry the pictures are weird, I got the package shortly before I was to go to lunch, so the pictures are on my front porch.)
 She sent me this bag of extras to make my own stuff:
 This one was on my Etsy list.
There was also an altered pin, but after opening the print above, my ride picked me up for lunch and I opened it in the car. I'll get a picture up soon.

There's a new swap going on at Chaotic Goddesses (almost, sign-up's start on Monday), you should check it out.

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Beth W said...

Ah, cool that you got raw materials to make something new! I also love that box you crafted for Angie. Thanks for joining us!