Thursday, October 08, 2015

I need to stop spending money

I really need to. I have more money, but I'm also spending too much. Right after I got my new job, I started buying nice tops, I went to a few stores and after awhile stopped. I was so excited when I paid my rent this month and still have money left. This week, I feel I spent too much money again.
I got this book from the library and decided to just buy it on Amazon, while I was there I thought I'd get The American President for my mother, she's been wanting it for awhile, so I got it for her for Christmas, I might give it to her sooner. Then I wanted to make sure I had enough for free shipping.
 So, I bought a mix of Russian/Ukraine candy, of course I found out after I added to my cart, that it shipped from elsewhere and didn't qualify for my free shipping, by that time I was tired of looking for something that made it enough for the free shipping.
 I decided I still wanted the candy, though when it came today, it was smaller than I figured it'd be. I thought it would be more candy bars, not just small wrapped candy.
 I had the whole day off today. I totally slacked off until about 3pm. I had to go to Target to return some flats that were way too big, plus I need some winter shoes, all I have are tennis shoes, which do not work with skirts and dressy pants.
So, I ret'd them and picked up a bra.
Since I was at Target, I went to Walmart (they're right next to each other), I did find some 'combat' boots. They lace up, but also have zippers on the side, I think they'll work, but I probably still have to find some nicer boots. I also bought a Batman shirt.
Afterwards, I went to meet my friend and go to JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, an Asian food store and HyVee.
I found a cute tiny keychain at JoAnn's, some Halloween treat boxes, a porcelain flower and some metal reindeer for my brother at Hobby Lobby. I had a gift card from my birthday for Hobby Lobby.
I also went to an Asian food store that I haven't been to in awhile. I picked up some taro mocha, some green tea pocky, custard cakes, and some strawberry corn starch snacks.
 At Hyvee I picked up some dark chocolate covered cashews, a Russel Stover pumpkin, a couple skeleton eggs and some cranberry orange muffins.
And then I got home and found I picked up the wrong size bra at Target. I guess it's not that bad, my Cartwheel app wasn't working when I was at Target, so I didn't want to look at the things I knew were on the app. I guess there will be another day.
Tomorrow, I have a couple garage sales to go to and one on Sat, but I don't consider using my cash to spend money.

I kinda wish Fareway (my grocery store) had an app like Target, it's the place I spend the most money at, so it would help a lot.

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LV said...

It is easy to spend too much when young, but as you get older priorities change, I know, I have been there. I rarely go to the malls or stores now. Of course big difference in our age too.