Saturday, October 24, 2015

Inventory of my new clothes.

This is more for me than for you guys, feel free to pass over it, if you wish.
I did an inventory of my new clothes today. I have bought 27 shirts/sweaters to wear, one pair of black pants and a pair of boots.
Here's what I have:
 A sleeveless pink ruffled top, I haven't worn this one yet, I don't know what to layer on top of it. I also am afraid it doesn't pass the lean over test.
 I have this under sleeveless, it's a vest. It's a velvet burnout vest. I just got it today.
 A black sleeveless shirt, it has an added fabric detail on the left shoulder. I like this one, but it's sleeveless and anything I wear over it covers the detail on the shoulder. I suppose I could always put a long sleeve shirt underneath it. I wore it on Wed with a black skirt with white flowers and one of the green shrugs below.
 A brown short sleeved shirt with flower like details on left shoulder. I love this one, sadly it doesn't pass the lean over test either. I've worn it with my black pants.
 A green short sleeve shirt, I just got this one today.
 A green short sleeve shirt. I've worn this one with my black pants as well.
 A magenta short sleeve sweater, it's got lace on the front and brass buttons by the shoulders. I love this one as well, I have worn it this a few times.
 A purple short sleeved shirt. This one looks a lot like the green one above, I thought for sure it was the same shirt, but they're made by different brands. I've worn this one quite a bit, too.
 A teal short sleeved shirt with ruffles around the neck, it's a little iffy on the lean over test. This one's nice but I'm a having a bit of trouble with the ruffles and the deep neck.
 A red, grey and white patterned top. The black strips tied behind the back. I like this one, it's a bit longer than a regular shirt, but not quite long enough to wear leggings underneath. I have a little issue with this one. I get mistaken for my boss quite a bit, we  both have about the same length of brown hair, that we mostly wear back, and we have glasses. When I wore it last week, I had a co-worker think I was my boss because she has a similar shirt.
 A grey short sleeved shirt. The bottom fans out a bit and it zips up the back. I like this one, when I tried it on in the store I had a pair of khakis which didn't exactly fit, but looked really good with this shirt. I don't have any khakis and I don't think it looks really good with my black pants. I really liked how this shirt looked with the khakis, though.
 A white spotted black short sleeved shirt. I really like this one, I've worn it a few times.
 A short sleeved black dress. It's got ties around the waist and lace at the top. It's a little short, when I wore it, I wore tights with it, I plan to wear it again.
 A long sleeved green patterned shirt. I just got this today.
 A black and teal patterned long sleeve shirt. I haven't worn this one, mostly because of the ruffles. I've picked up a few ruffled shirts lately, which is weird for me, so I haven't really worn them yet, I'm thinking of wearing this one on Monday if it's cold enough.
 A navy blue and white patterned long sleeve shirt. I've worn this once, it's a synthetic fabric and is a little warm, plus it pulls down in the front. I felt like I was constantly adjusting it, pulling the back back down, and the shoulders back up.
 A green long sleeved shirt with a beaded detail at the top, I just bought this today.
 A green long sleeved shirt with white and green ruffled detail on the front. I just bought this one today.
 A long sleeved pink sweater with beaded detail around the neck. I just bought this one today, but I really like it.
 A blue long sleeve sweater with white shirt beneath. It's a bit heavy, I just bought it today.
 A black long sleeve shirt with a tie detail at the middle of the front. I like this one, it's very comfortable, it just hasn't been very cold, so I've only worn it once.
 A black long sleeve with detail around the neck. This is a very thin fabric, I wore it to my interview for this job. It's a little tight in the upper arms, so I haven't worn it recently.
 A green short sleeve shrug. It hasn't been very cold lately, but I did wear it with the black sleeveless top above.
 Another green short sleeve shrug. I'm not sure why I bought two of these. This one is a little brighter and dressier looking than the other one.
 A blue long sleeved shrug/cardigan. I love this color, bought it today.
A purple cardigan with black flowers on the left upper sleeve. I really like this one too, bought it today.

My goal was to find a black cardigan today. I found a few cardigans, but not a black one. I really want a black one because that will go with most items. I also want a pair of khakis because they go with a lot of things, and I need another pair of winter shoes/boots. The pair I got is not that dressy, though someone said they looked fine to them.
My friend that I went shopping with said she knew all the second-hand clothing stores in the tri-state area and since we'll have the same day off soon we should hit them. I'm excited, but I think I have mostly enough clothes right now.

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