Sunday, September 27, 2015


I apologize in advance, this post is mostly venting about my mother.
Today, we went to an annual art festival that I look forward to all year. In June, my mother and I went to an art walk, which is basically a bunch of stores hosting artists and their work. I met my friend while we were on it, and basically ignored my mother to hang out with my friend. I felt horrible about it that night. I decided when the art festival came around I'd go with her and basically focus on her.
In between we went on the Central Iowa Junk Jaunt for our birthdays and she was not the best company, she seemed bored with the day and that her time was so important that we couldn't have a good time. I decided next year, if I go on it, I'm going with a friend.
When we've made plans lately, she keeps waiting until the last minute to tell me what the plan is, she doesn't really say anything until the day before, so I don't know if we're still doing something and I can't make other plans because that would upset her.
I asked her on Wednesday about today's plans, she kinda brushed it off, so I texted her yesterday. She responded yesterday afternoon.
Today when she came by, I suggested she park in the driveway and we walk down (it's 3 blocks from my house), she wanted to park a block away and then walk down. That frustrated me, I thought it was kinda rude to use a parking space that someone else could use when she had access to a parking space no one else did. As we're getting out of the car she said she was thinking about not going, of course she wouldn't have told me that early enough to make plans with someone else.
I feel that's been happening a lot. She says we should do something and making it seem like it's such a chore for us to do it, and she doesn't seem to enjoy it as much.

I was also a bit disappointed in the art festival itself. Basically, it's big things to hang on your wall, furniture, jewelry, and pottery. I want something different and unique. I'm thinking it's also more exciting to do things with my friends and not my parents.

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