Sunday, September 20, 2015

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day. I felt like I didn't really have time to relax until about 5:30.
I got up about 6:00 (rather early for me), I had volunteered to help with the library's Zombie run. It was pretty fun, it was just a little too early and a little too chilly.
My mother and I had made plans to go to lunch and then to a quilt show, so we had a nice lunch at a pretty new lunch place. I had a half sandwich and macaroni salad.
And here are the quilts, it's a lot of pictures:
 I remember last year not enjoying it very much. I think they were more traditional quilts, which are neat too, but this year there just seemed to be less of that and more experimentation.

 There were a lot that had embroidery accents and 3-D pieces.

 This quilt seemed very busy. The description said the creator wanted to use up all the little tiny scraps she had, then she affixed all these buttons on top of it.

 This one, the leaves popped off the edges of the piece.

 This one was huge, and it had all these elements on it. There was a lot of lace and layered details.
 Like this flower

 This one was all about leaves, the leaves on the side were painted on and then embroidered to give them more definition
 Here's a close-up of the ginkgo leaves

 In another part of the garden, they had a display of our campus buildings made out of natural things, like gourds and mushrooms, etc.

They also had a big part that looked like a natural wonderland with a plastic train and a giant gnome, kinda like a fairy garden. I was looking at that, and the first thing that popped into my mind was that my ex would have really liked that.
I hate that I do that, I just knew him for so long when I see something he'd like, I'd love to call him up and tell him, but that will never happen because of his choices.
There was a place to buy stuff, I wanted to buy stuff (mostly because I haven't been garage saleing because I keep being busy or it rains), but I could find anything I really wanted (I think I've finally retrained my mind to not buy things I don't need), but then we found this hallway with plastic totes filled with fabric. Basically, the idea was you filled a plastic bag with fabric, they weighed it and you paid by the pound. I don't need more fabric, mostly because I never do much with it, but I bought about 2 pounds.
After that, we stopped at the grocery store and my mother told me my aunt and uncle were coming over for Octoberfest. I wasn't really interested in going because I don't like beer, but I knew my mother would say I should try new things, so I went with them.
I got in free because it was sponsored by my bank and if you had your debit card that was your admission, I did pay for some spaetzle, it was supposed to be cheese pasta, it tasted like unseasoned dumplings and didn't look very appetizing. And then there was the beer, which I didn't like. I tried some. I thought it was really interesting, when I was telling my mom about the foodies and brew I went to about a month ago, she said I should have tried some of the beer, but she wasn't going to try any of the beer here.
I felt I didn't get enough to eat all day. Now that I'm home today, I'll probably spend the day eating and reading.

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