Friday, September 11, 2015

Exciting News

Last Thursday, I had an interview at the library for a salaried position. This is the 4th time I've applied and I finally got the position. They called me Thursday night before I went in for the position I'm in now, and asked me to wait to tell people until they sent an email and had contacted the other applicants. I had a really hard time holding that in.
I'm rather excited to start. I bought some new shirts before my interview, and went to Goodwill last Wednesday and bought more. I've spent way too much money since I got the job. When I get my first (or second) paycheck, I'm gonna go get some more clothes.
Today, was my last day in this position, Monday I start in the new position. Thursday, I have a physical to make sure I can do what is expected of me. I was talking about that with my co-workers last night and we kinda laughed. The aide position is way more strenuous than the clerk position, I'm not really worried about the physical. I also have a benefits meeting with HR next Thursday. I believe that's informative about what I can sign up for, I am eligible for health, dental and vision. Depending on how much they are, I want to get all three, I do have to wait until November 1st before I can have those. I also get vacation, but not until after 6 months.

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