Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Frog

I've been a little lazy the last few weeks and haven't made myself go out garage saleing.
Yesterday, I had the day off, that was weird. I decided to go to a few sales in the afternoon as there was one that didn't start until noon. I did get up and go to one rather early and then killed time until later in the afternoon.
I don't have pictures from yesterday's purchases, but use your imagination, I bought a gallon size bag of mini beanie babies, a gallon size bag of kids toys from fast food restaurants, an old tablecloth, a cute bowl with a bunny on the side, a bag of butterfly pins, and a couple Matchbox cars at the early sale. This sale is a huge sale but I felt it didn't seem as big as most years.
I made myself go grocery shopping and then go to a few sales in the afternoon, I'm not sure I like going to sales that late in the day. I like to get up and go, and that sometimes is hard to convince myself to do. I felt the afternoon sales were a bust. I found an art book, and some book plates. I downloaded an app from mapmyrun earlier in the week and had it track my route and apparently how many calories I burned. Personally, I don't care about the calories, I did appreciate that there was a map when I was trying to figure out if one road ran into another, that helped me today too. I also think because of the bouncing around, yesterday from my purse, and then today with my walk, adds to the total that I "walked". But, I think it will be nice when I go to stores and wander around in them, cause I can't track my route on the map.
Today, I had an extremely hard time making myself go out. I also feel I spent way too much money. The other day, I thought I had finally trained my brain to not want stuff I didn't need, but I bought a bunch of toys today, and now I'm regretting it. I must work more on that.
First of all, I got these math books at a "Teacher Sale"
 They had advertised it as that in their ad, and on a sale as I walked up. I thought it was a little strange, kinda like others couldn't shop there. I love practicing my math (cause I'm not that great), when I was paying the seller asked if I was a teacher somewhere.
At one sale, I found some niceish Pyrex bowls. I believe the smaller one is a 403 and the yellow one is a 404.
 I just realized that means I have a whole set, but none of them are in really great condition. The 404 is pretty scratched, apparently the 403 was green. I noticed that when I was looking at it at home, there's a little green paint right along the lip, it's kinda weird cause that one was priced a $1 higher than the bigger one. My 402 has stuff rubbed off of it as well. My 401 is in the best condition, it was found in a resale shop and is harvest (?) pattern, no damage.
I went to the Farmer's market afterwards because I thought it might be the last one and I have been wanting to try the flavored popcorn that I've seen for sale there.
 I also think I might have spent too much money on that. I was eating the caramel apple flavor (upper right corner) and I think it's a bit too sweet, I should have just bought the kettle corn (upper left).
At one sale, I bought a whole bunch of tiny toys, I get really excited when I see little toys.
 So out of the above picture, I actually decided I only wanted what is in the below picture:
I have an elephant, frog, and pig collection, and now they're bigger. I was sitting here tonight, thinking I have way too much stuff, and this is how I get it.
Like I said earlier, I felt I had trained my brain to not buy frivolous stuff, but now that I'm salaried and have more money, I've gone back to my old ways.
I am planning on going to Target sometime this week to get some monster pens for my desk. I've also been buying more dressier clothes (I think those are something I 'need' though, because better job, I should wear nicer clothes). It's funny, I'm not that into Halloween, decorating, candy or dressing up, but this year I want to buy stuff, I want to dress up, I want the pumpkin flavored things. I also chalk that up to having more money.

Tomorrow, my mother and I are going to an annual art festival that I was so excited for, because I might be able to buy something, but I don't need anything,

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