Saturday, October 24, 2015

Interesting week?

So, new weekend, new update. I got a little distracted on Etsy last weekend and bought four pairs of earrings
 Pink and gold, clear with flower details, blue and green and owls. You can see three of some of them, she sent me a matching pendant for some of them. And the total was under $20, great deal.
 Wednesday, I wore the above outfit, and one of my co-workers said I looked really nice.
Thursday, I found this really cute tree idea, and thought it'd be neat to recreate.
 I went to lunch with my dad, we had to wait 30 minutes for our food when the restaurant was mostly empty.
 I got this grilled cheese sandwich which was good, but I'm not sure it was worth a 30 minute wait.
Today, a friend and I hit 4 church sales. I saw this gorgeous Sunbonnet Sue quilt at one of them.
 And here's what I picked up:
 A cute angel box that I thought would work great for a swap, some wired ribbon, a cute hanky, a tiny Happy Birthday book that I thought I could use for someone's birthday, a nice ginkgo leaf bowl and a Santa wallhanging for my mother.
I had fun, but we started late, so I felt things were a little picked over.
This afternoon, another friend and I went shopping for winter clothes, and checked out the Asian food stores to see what was new.
I got some chocolate covered strawberry filled cookies, some fish shaped cookies, some green tea candy, two different rolls, some milk tea and the care bear came from a goodwill.

I'm tired of shopping for clothes. I can make do with what I have but I do need another pair of winter shoes, I figure I'll check out a place at the mall for those this week. It's only getting colder out, so I probably should get on it.

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