Saturday, October 10, 2015

More books

Today was a busy day.
I had a few garage sales, my mother and I were meeting to discuss some games for a bridal shower tomorrow, then we had lunch and went to Walmart, after that I was going to visit my friend with some treats and peruse the library booksale.
I was supposed to meet my mother at about 11:30, so I left for my garage sales a little after 9, walking by the library to drop off some books. I didn't find anything at the first sale, the second sale I found a perfect book for the bridal shower tomorrow.
As I was heading towards the second sale, I saw this cute set-up in someone's yard. It looks like they used cuts of the branches for chairs.
 At the last sale, they promised lots of vintage stuff, I really wanted to go for the jewelry, which sadly I wasn't interested in.
This Gremlins lunchbox was one of the first things I saw:
 My brother has (maybe he got rid of it) a Star Wars lunchbox when he was a kid, it's in much worse shape than this, but wouldn't it be cool to get one of these lunchboxes to take your lunch to work in. I'm not interested in spending $8 on one, though I'm sure it's a good price.
I also found this cute yellow colander.
 It was $5, probably another good price, but I don't need a colander (I have two already), maybe I should have bought it for the bride.
I also saw this cute chair:
 Someday, when I have my own house, I plan to have all vintage furniture, I'd love for this chair to be in it.
We went to Perkins for lunch, which was extremely busy. Afterwards, we had to go to Walmart to get some prizes for the games (I tried to contribute some stuff I had at home, but my mom seemed like she wanted to buy stuff). At Walmart, I saw these cereals from my childhood making a comeback for the Halloween season.
 I don't remember what they have in them other than marshmallows, so I didn't waste my money on them. Here is what I did buy, garage sales first
 A couple Christmas stockings (I have more than enough for Christmas swaps now), a cute elephant planter, a fall towel, some Valentine's playing cards, that perfect book for the bridal shower and some cute keychains.
I'm planning on giving the elephant a good scrubbing and then going over it with some brown alcohol inks. I was going to paint it, but I think it would be way cuter to just put the brown ink on it. I'm also going to glue some fabric on the inside and use it to hold chocolate on my desk at work, I really don't have room in my elephant collection at home.
The book is called The Perfect Man, it's got pictures of different things and says why it's the perfect man. The cover is a chocolate man, it says: "He's sweet, He's smooth, And if you need a friend, you can chew his ear off."
The key chains are for a few of my friends and some Halloween goodie bags I'm putting together for them.
You don't see the picture of some pot holders, measuring cups and measuring spoons I picked up for the bridal shower gift. There's also not a picture of some other necessities (someone commented the other day that I spend more cause I'm younger, most of my spending lately has been things I need for work, and I still need other things for the colder months).
I got home, unloaded my bag and went to visit my friend, she was working at the library, and while I was there I looked at the book sale.
I'm not really allowed to buy more books, I have a whole shelf on of books I've bought at book sales and haven't read, some from years ago of library book sales. I really wanted to just peruse the books, but knowing I shouldn't buy more I just didn't feel like it.
I have read a volume of "A History of Women", my luck, this is the volume I've already read. I've heard good things about Little Heathens, plus it's about Iowa and I love books about Iowa. And I can't turn down a good sounding quiz book.
I've found I don't have a lot of interest in stuff that usually interests me. I haven't baked anything in awhile, my anniversary at the library was yesterday and I usually bake something, but I didn't feel like it this week. Tomorrow's my grandmother's birthday party (she'll be 99 years old on Thurs) and I usually make something for that, but I didn't feel like it (I think part of that is, being at the end of the alphabet I was assigned a salad or a vegetable and I'd rather bake). I haven't really been interested in doing art lately, I did some cards for a swap last month, but other than that, I haven't been interested.
All I really feel like doing is sitting and watching TV or reading books. It's kinda worrying me.

Side note, I would love to do a Christmas/holiday swap this year with some one who crafts. I have a lot of crafting supplies I'd love to wrap up and trade with someone. If anyone knows about a swap like that (I know it's a little early), or knows of someone/website that will be doing a holiday swap, let me know.

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