Saturday, October 17, 2015

my week

So, I'm still spending money. Now that it's getting colder, I need dressy long sleeve shirts and cold weather shoes. I have tennis shoes, which also need replacing, but I need nice looking shoes. I bought a pair of really cute flats a few weeks ago at Walmart, but they gave me horrendous blisters when I wore them, one is still healing. I bought a simple black pair at Target, but they didn't fit well, too big. I did find some 'combat' boots at Walmart that looks like they'll work, but they're not really dressy looking. I'm thinking I'll have to go up to Younkers, they have Clark's which I've been happy about.
I'm just trying to remember what I've done in the past week, which is kinda sad cause I haven't been that busy.
Sunday, we went up north to celebrate my grandma's 99th birthday (which was actually Thursday). That was fun, but I feel I don't have that much in common with my mom's family anymore. I used to love going to family get-togethers, but now, I don't have a family or a boyfriend and that's what seems to interest them. They don't seem that interested in my job, even though I'm now salaried and more settled. That was all day.
Monday, I worked in the afternoon/evening. I've been watching Halloween movies (I have a lot) every October up until Halloween when I watch Maximum Overdrive. When I was in high school my friend would have a party every Halloween, and I remember one year her parents were watching Maximum Overdrive and it seemed soo cool. So, when I found it on DVD it's my Halloween movie. Some of my movies, I'm getting tired of. I've seen them so much, they're just boring after awhile. I'm also working through the X-Files TV series, so I've been binge watching that when I have time.
Tuesday, I had training with the city. Since I'm now salaried, I have to go to a few days of training with the city. I'm not really learning that much cause I've been with the library for 6 years, so I know about the city, but it's fun to be with different people. This next week is the last day and we get free lunch.
Wednesday, I work a weird shift 10-3, it's been shortened lately because I can only work 20 hours and I get about 8 hours on Tuesdays. After finishing season 2 of the X-Files I had season 4 of The Walking Dead to finish.
Thursdays, are laundry days. That's stressful. I'm going to my parents house to use their laundry facilities because it's free, but it's way more stressful than paying. Now that I've switched to Thursdays, my dad doesn't make me go out to lunch with him cause he's got other stuff going on. My dad's legally blind. I enjoy free lunch, but my parents still treat me like I'm five. Last weekend, we went to lunch and they had to ask about health insurance. I may be making more money, but I still can't afford the city's insurance. My parents seem to need to know everything about me. They're always asking my schedule, and I know they think that if I'm not working I have all the time in the world to help them out with stuff. Sometimes I feel like I should have moved away for college and stayed away. This week, I had an Art Club meeting at the library. About a month ago I was working on a Thursday because of stuff, and someone came to unlock a meeting room for this art club, that sounded interesting to me, so I had her add my name to her list. So, this month I went. Most of the people there were drawing people, which I find interesting, but not my thing. I also felt a little out of their conversation. I took some Halloween stuff to make ATCs for co-workers. I think I'll take something different next time, and try it again. Afterwards I went back to the walking dead.
Friday, I had off because I'm working this afternoon (which is weird), and I hate having the whole weekday off. I never know what to do. I went to Target to return a bra (because colors and sizes are hard) and see if they had any cardigans I wanted to buy. I ended up with a new bra in the correct size, a cami and some cookies I've been wanting to try. I downloaded the cartwheel app to my phone a few weeks ago, but I might be giving up on it. I don't shop at Target very much, mostly because things are cheaper at Walmart and one of our Walmarts is a little easier to get to than the other one (which is by Target). I like going to Target for their selection of chocolate, but I sure don't need it, so it's not like I go to Target for things I need. It's nice saving money on stuff I don't need, but why go to Target just to do that, why not not buy the stuff I don't need and save more money? I had a lunch with a friend scheduled at 12, that was ok. We went to Perkins and while I was waiting for her, I was staring at the muffins and they were having a special of buy 3 get 3 free, so I did. After lunch I realized I had 6 muffins to eat, and decided that was too much so I gave my free ones away to co-workers, so everyone won. I haven't been to Perkins in awhile, but they've been on my mind since they had their free pancakes a few weeks ago. Now, that I've been there twice in a week, I remember the food's not all that great and I might as well stay home and not spend money there. Afterwards I totally used my self-control to only buy bodywash at the dollar store, like I planned. Later that afternoon I met with a friend to check out a new thrift store that neither of us found very interesting and I went home.
And now it's today. And I've totally wasted the whole morning online. Like I said I have to work this afternoon, which is weird. I'm used to working the weekends as an aide, but now that I can only work 20 hours a week and am still in training, my boss has had me only working the weekdays. I'm ok with it, I've just heard that it's a little more hectic at closing time.
Tomorrow, I'm thinking of heading over to our Goodwill to see if I can find any nice long-sleeve shirts or cardigans. I've thought in the past they don't have a lot of good stuff there, but I also don't really look at clothing. I could get away with character T-shirts and jeans for my job. Now, that I can't and have to find dressier shirts I'm totally checking out the second-hand stores.
I bought 4 pairs of earrings on Etsy today. If they just didn't send me the email about stuff that looks cool. My mom was always about having the perfect earrings to go with her outfits, I've kinda fallen into that lately. Earrings are good, my necklaces all seem to be the perfect length to have the pendant fall into my shirt, I don't wear bracelets cause they get stuck on stuff, I'd like to find a nice ring that doesn't stick out too much, kinda like a cuff, but in a ring. I've also decided I want earrings that match everything. I got some copper ones and white ones at the art festival a few weeks ago.

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