Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Finds

Last week was spring break, and a favorite antique mall of mine was having spring break sales, I convinced my mom to go with me. Unfortunately, we only had a little over an hour, but I did find some neat stuff to buy:
 a cute Santa Bingo card assemblage for my mother, a tiny McDonald's car (my grandmother had one of these when I was a kid), a Pepsi marble (I just thought it was cool), and a couple quilted pieces (I love quilts, they're always out of my price range though, so when I find something tiny and quilted in my price range, I jump on it).
The next day I stopped over at Hobby Lobby, I noticed I don't have a good Happy Birthday stamp, that's the whole reason I went, but I bought a lot of stuff and not a stamp. Everything was on sale, though, that counts for something, right?
 burlap/fabric flower stickers, colored burlap flowers, blue paper flowers, and colored burlap flowers on sticks
 a cute picture frame, some steampunk stickers and buttons.

Last night, my friend and I went back to the same antique mall and spent almost 3 hours in it, here's what I found:
a large tintype wedding picture (I thought it was a steal at $3), and the cutest pig toothpick holder. It was kinda funny, my friend said she didn't really like antique malls, she was just going because I wanted to go, she ended up spending more money than I did.
Afterwards, we went to Target to see if there were any neat Easter items. I found a few:
a bag of shaped Easter eggs filled with candy (I figured, after Easter I could use them in swaps, they were soo cute), a set of Easter eggs with prizes, a pod of cucumber seeds (these were really neat looking, you just plant that little pod and water it, the outside is biodegradeable and it just grows right out of it, I thought maybe I could handle that), the flower, is a solar flower, my friend got me.

Today, I have to run quite a few errands. I'm mailing my cards for Kimberly's Pink, Black and Bling swap, going to lunch with a friend, looking at a couple apartments, going to Walmart and Dollar Tree for stuff I forgot to buy last night and ending up at the grocery store for ingredients for bread pudding.

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LV said...

Your outing was very profitable. Loved all your finds. Wish I lived near your mother so we could play bingo together. I love to play. Play with other seniors about twice a week.