Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's time for the Wednesday Hodgepoge again. Check out Joyce's blog to see other people's answers.

1. Thursday marks the first day of spring...to celebrate would you rather plant a garden or go for a walk in the woods? Would either of those activities be possible on Thursday where you live?Totally go walk in the woods. I would be able to walk in the woods, unfortunately, my day is pretty full on Thursday.
2. When did someone last spring something on you? (or when did you last spring something on someone?)Funny that this is a question. One of my bosses at one of my jobs told us our schedule changed last night for an upcoming event. It's a little annoying because I'm going to have to shift things around to be able to work my scheduled time now.

3. We often think of spring as a time for new beginnings. What's something you'd like to start doing this spring? I can't think of anything new I want to do. I will start perusing the garage sales again.

4. Where do you like to sit in a movie theatre? When did you last sit there, and what were you watching? I do not like movie theaters, they're expensive, loud, lots of talking/crying people/kids. I prefer to check a movie out from the library and sit in my living room. The last time I went to a movie was around Thanksgiving, my friends wanted to see the new Thor movie. I'm still not sure it was worth the $8 to get in.

5. When you meet someone for the very first time, what do you want them to think about you? I want them to like me, but doesn't everyone? I want them to think I'm fun, I think that's why I wear a lot of character shirts. I don't want to be thought of as dull and boring.

6. March is frozen food month (yes, really!). Besides ice cream (gotta make you think a little) what's your most often purchased frozen food item? Microwave dinners. That's about the only thing I purchase, every once in awhile I do get ice cream. I'm always looking for something new and different but yummy.
7. What's something you avoid? Anything? Grumpy people, stress, my parents, cold,

8. Insert your own random thought here.
So, I have to move (if you've read Hodgepodge lately, you know this) and I've been sorting and getting rid of things. My mother asked the other day if I was stressed about the move. I said not so much, and she asked why? I told her I had so many other things to be stressed about. I didn't tell her what because then she'd stress me out by trying to help. She did get a little annoyed about that, but they always want to know what's going on in my life, I find that a little annoying.
My stresses include: my job changing in March (I'm being demoted, along with quite a few of my co-workers), maybe getting a salaried job (but, that will be open to the public and just not internal, so I don't know my chances on that), whether or not I'm staying with my current job (I want to, I just don't know if it's feasible with how my job's changing), the move back of the library (we're in a temporary location, our permanent library will be done in the fall, and we'll be moving back then), and of course my own move (I'm having a hard time finding apartments in my price range, which means I need to find a job that pays more money, but I'm hoping to prolong it long enough to see if I get the salaried job), and of course money (I do have more now than I've ever had, but that's due to cancelling certain things and getting them cheaper, if I have to start paying higher rent, that's not going to last).
I'm really good at hiding my stress. Sometimes I think it's really bad for me. Sometimes I wish I could share everything that stresses me to someone, but I don't have anyone I can tell it to (I do have one person, but we get together infrequently, and she has a lot on her mind as well).  


Dawn said...

Praying for you and all the stresses going on in your life. I know what it is like to not really have anyone to share with - it is difficult. And yes, hiding your stress is NOT good for you (ask me how I know *grin*). Hugs to you! Stopping by from WHP.

retired not tired said...

Lucky for you your mother doesn't read your blog. Mine does! Hope you get your stresses under control/

A Joyful Chaos said...

Ohhh, I want to start visiting garage sales too. Love finding a good bargain!

Joyce said...

I hope your stress level is reduced soon, and you find just the right place to live. I'm sorry you don't have someone to share all your worries with, but I hope blogging is an outlet for some of that. Take care.