Friday, March 14, 2014

I confess

I'm stealing this from The Testosterone Three and Me.
I confess....
  • My friend and were supposed to go to a local antique mall today, but she got called into work. I'm really upset by it.
  • I was sooo excited yesterday, I haven't been to this particular antique mall in years (not an exaggeration) and they are having a spring break sale, starting today.
  • I have extra money due to cancelling things and getting them cheaper, I wanted to spend some of that money on vintage buttons and linens.
  • I was going to go on a walk because the high today is 52, and walking makes you feel better, but all I felt like doing this morning was laying in bed and being a mope all day.
  • In being a mope today, I have somehow forgotten to eat lunch, maybe I'll just have ice cream
  • I should know better than to be excited about our plans, I feel that something comes up quite a bit to get them cancelled or derailed.
  • I really want a hug. It really floored me last night to get the text saying she had to cancel
  • I know she can't do anything about it and you have to work when they tell you to, but....
  • Last weekend, I made cheesecake, and it turned out really good.
  • I was always scared of making cheesecake, I thought it was above my skill level and I don't have a spring-form pan.
  • I'm so sick of apartment hunting and realizing I need more money to be able to afford monthly rents.
  • I tried to get one of my friends at the library to go in on a nice apartment, close to the library, with laundry, but she said she didn't want to live with a roommate.
  • I don't either, but that might be what happens
  • I really wish they would hurry up and figure out this position at the library, so I can plan
  • I really wish I get this position at the library, but knowing how many people in the library are going to apply for it and that it will be open to the public, I think I need to just accept that I need a new job
  • I don't want a new job.
Where's the easy button?

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