Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm sitting here in second place

I just had one of the best showers in a while.
Something about the mix of temperature of the water, music, temp of my apartment and the new body wash I got. It's 82 degrees in my apartment with all the windows open, and 76 degrees outside. I'm trying to save electricity and wait as long as possible before turning on my AC. Being so hot in my apt, I knew I wasn't going to take a scalding hot shower like I usually do, it wasn't quite warm or cold, maybe somewhere around lukewarm, and if felt great. And this new body wash I got, smells so nice and clean. Put some Nickelback on the radio, and it was great. I think part of it was cause it was the first time I'd showered since going on my walk yesterday, so I was all sweaty (yeah, yeah, I know shoulda showered all that dried sweat off yesterday, I was tired), plus certain people weren't home to complain about me being in the shower too long.
Wish I had something to do now that I'm all refreshed and clean.

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