Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pure bullshit

It's so wrong. I was watching Friends, so naturally when it became 7:00, I'm still on the CW, and Farmer wants a wife comes on. You'd think they could pick girls that weren't Barbie. Goddess complained about the farmer, I'm complaining about the chicks. Every single one shows up in short skirts and high-heeled shoes. Cause ya know that's the staple of clothes on a farm. Could we try to wear jeans and boots (or at least sneakers) like any normal human being. All the chicks are staying in this house, and once they get the full tour, one of them comments on how old the furniture is inside and it needs some serious remodeling, same chick wants to know if there's a maid and if there are flush toilets. Cause apparently living out in the country, you wouldn't have running water. They were all surprised that the farmer's wife was able to move to the country from the city because she fell in love with a farmer and they didn't understand how she could cope.
One of the chicks introducing herself at the beginning was saying she had to have manicures and pedicures every week but she wasn't a snob or anything. Good luck getting those in the country, at least she can have as many mud baths as she wants.
They're all scared of the chickens and whinning cause they're stepping in cow shit. One of the chicks was saying how she'd love to be the farmer's wife cause she wouldn't have to work, cause the wives have people to work for them, quite funny since Farmer wants someone able to pull their own weight. Guess that wasn't a question to answer, just are you big busted, beautiful and know absolutely nothing out of city life? Guess you're able to come on the show. Personally I think it'd be fun to go do that, oh but I'm not drop dead gorgeous city girl, wouldn't fit in with y'all.

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Carrie said...

To be fair though, chickens can be pretty fucking terrifying.