Saturday, February 23, 2008

It tore me up to sign them papers

It's so nice to come home after work to my mother whinning about the snow/ice on the steps. When I was a kid, my brother and I shared cleaning off the steps and porch, then when he got old enough, he 'graduated' to sidewalks and I got to do the steps and porch, now that I'm doing sidewalks, maybe the one person in the house that rarely does any snow removal should do the steps and porch. What an idea! Or maybe when we leave before Wendy does the shoveling, we should get in gear and DO IT OURSELVES! Because that's where it's hardest to get where SOMEONE's footsteps are. If I moved somewhere where I wouldn't have to listen to my mom complain about something I did or didn't do, life would get 20% better.
Also, I love it how people figure that because I'm working the game, I care about the game. Yes, I'm 'guarding' the basketball offices, but that doesn't mean I work the game to watch it or even care what the score is. Though it is entertaining that they think that.

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