Monday, February 25, 2008

Brother runs in, feathers on his head

Ever step back from your life and ask yourself "How the hell did I get here? How would my life be different if I had made decisions differently earlier in life?"
I wonder if I had made the decision to care about driving when I was 16, would I have my own truck, motorcycle or sweet car by now?
If I had followed my heart into making art and applied to art schools, would I be on the beaches of California or in New York City where everyone knew my name and my work was revered by millionaires?
If I had chosen to really try in business would I be making thousands of collars and not have to worry about if I have the money to buy a new bra.
If I had applied to the local police department or done an internship there, would I be out there catching the criminals rather than just watching and admiring from afar?
If I had let my character flaw take over my life, would I be in a completely different place?
I don’t regret any of my decisions, but sometimes I wonder.
I know I’m not old by any means, but sometimes I wonder and dream.

There’s a show coming up on NBC soon called Quarterlife about a group of friends that have no idea where they want to be in life. I plan to watch it to see if I can learn anything. I don’t know where I want to be right now and I do wish someone had told me in high school THIS is what happens after college. Just because you spend 4.5 years of your life earning this degree doesn’t meant you’re guaranteed a job after graduation. You’ll be looking for a job you can handle where you’ll get paid barely enough to pay your bills every month and maybe get to spend a little extra on yourself.
The American dream of the perfect job, benefits, house, 2.5 children, spouse, picket fence and dog isn’t just given to you. You have to work for it. You’ll be lucky to have a job along with your husband where you can get ahead in this world. You’ll most likely be in debt for the rest of your life between college loans, car payments, house payments.
We need to teach our children the reality of the American dream, because what I learned about it when I was a kid, good luck getting it now.

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