Friday, February 08, 2008

I decide when the dying stops

Anyone wanna loan, or give me like $300? I just found out that the first season of Third Watch is on DVD FINALLY. This show ended in like 2004 or 2005, and they have to put all the crappy TV shows out on DVD first. It's $42.00, but I also want to buy all 3 seasons of Supernatural (its in the 3rd season now) and the first 2 seasons are $40.00 each. When I bought all 5 seasons of Angel, I said Third Watch would be the only other show I would buy all the seasons for, then Supernatural came along, and I'd love to buy all the seasons of ER and CSI, but without the money, I get none. :(
I guess once I have a bunch of money in the future I can buy them. I would start with Third Watch though, that's been number one on my list since they ended.

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Carrie said...

Use your G.W. Bush rebate to buy them.