Sunday, November 08, 2015

weekly update

So, does anyone read these?
Let's see last Sunday was my day off, I don't recall doing much. I believe I was deep in watching Bones Season 10, I also watched that on Monday. I don't know what I did on Tuesday, other than working that night. Wednesday was my day off, so I did laundry. Thursday I had to work in the morning. I worked the first women's basketball game of the season that night.
Friday I went to a holiday sale. No pictures, but I did buy a box of holiday cards, I thought they were cute and would be nice to use for the season. I bought a few ornaments and some yummy baked goods. I went there on the way to work.
Found out I will have to move sometime next year, not pleased about that. I was hoping to have this new job for a year and save some of my extra money before having to move, so much for that. Friday night we had a movie night at the library, watched Inside Out. That was a cute movie. The thing I really hate about watching movies in public is that I can't cry at the sad parts.
Saturday, I helped my mom bring out some Christmas decorations, she signed up to be part of a holiday home tour this year, so we're bringing it all out.
Today, I had a women's basketball game to work

Found out on Wednesday that my brother won't be coming for Thanksgiving. I think it's just going to be the three of us, which I hate. I feel like I spend too much time with my parents as it is and I really don't want to spend all day with them, fielding questions about health care and if I've looked here, there and everywhere for apartments. I had this great idea about cooking Thanksgiving, but then I looked at the squash soup recipe I had and realized it's not what I thought. We're thinking about having stuffed pork chops as the main dish, anyone have any suggestions for other dishes?

And that's my week, next week will be more of the same, I don't guess anything exciting will happen.

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