Monday, November 02, 2015

Weekly Update

I think this might be the new normal on here. I like putting my updates in a weekly post.
I was racking my brain trying to remember what I did on Sunday, the answer, mostly nothing. I'm not in the weekend rotational at the library until I'm more trained in this job, so I have the weekends off lately. Usually Sunday, though that will change this month. I know last Sunday was a beautiful day, but it was the day I had off that I didn't have anything to do, so I stayed home and either watched DVDs or read books, honestly, I don't really know.
Monday, I don't know what I did most of the day either (maybe I should come on here and record my days even if I don't post until the end of the week). My boss asked me to go out with the bookmobile when I got to work, that was a fun change of pace.
Tuesday I was going to go get winter shoes, but I didn't make it out of the house, Tuesday night I went out with the bookmobile again, those stops were a little slow.
Wednesday, my schedule changed and I was going in to close, so I finally made it to the mall to get shoes. It was a particularly cold and windy day on Wednesday. I misplaced my keys Tuesday night, so I missed the first bus to the mall, when I found them, I chose the wrong coat for the wind and froze. I went to Walmart and picked up a Halloween costume, I originally planned to just use clothes from around the house and go as Sad from Inside Out (minus the blue hair), but I found a really cute concert and bought one. I also bought another pair of boots I had bought a week or so earlier at the other Walmart, that way I have at least 2 pairs even if they're not very fancy looking. Bought some more nicer looking knee-high socks. I wandered over to the mall to look at Younkers boots, but even with the sale they had going on, I felt it was too much for a pair of boots, I did find a nice gray cardigan for the winter. I went to Kohl's hoping they would have this cork reindeer I saw last year (my mother and I thought we could make it, we collected the corks but never actually made the reindeer) and bought it for my brother. I'm completely done shopping for my mother for Christmas, I have some more to buy for my brother, I haven't even started for my dad or my brother's girlfriend.
Also, bought some candy for me at cheap Halloween prices, and headed home. I could not get warm when I got home, and then I had to go out later for work.
Thursday was my day off, but I had to go do laundry, which is not fun in itself. I use my parents washer and dryer which is smaller than normal ones and takes twice as long. I also have to avoid the annoying questions that my parents ask. They treat me like I'm a little kid, but the laundry's free, so I guess it's a trade off. I had to do it earlier this week because I had a meeting at work. My meeting at work was as interesting as I thought it would be, then I went home and attempted to read some of my books that were getting due.
Friday, I got my costume ready:
 It's Madame Hatter. It also came with a purple bow choker and a headband with a tophat and cards in the hat. I don't like things that close to my neck, and headbands don't stay on me. I also thought this was a little short, so I felt I was yanking it down all day. Everyone I ran into said I looked cute though and I really liked it, so win. Friday night I went to a party at a co-workers, that was fun to get away from work and eat.
Saturday, I had a volleyball match to work. It was nice to get back into routine at Hilton, but volleyball is pretty slow, and it was, especially with the football game scheduled that night and the not so great weather. Later that afternoon, my mother and I went to Younkers, a flower shop and Walmart. I had to go back to Younkers to return some Spanx that in no way would have fit even though they said they would. We went over to a flower shop to get some decorating ideas for my mother. She signed up to do a holiday home tour, which I think was a bit soon because she hasn't really done any holiday decorating at their condo, but who am I to argue. Sometimes, I think she says yes to too many things. She's always saying she doesn't have time for fun things because she's got so many other things to do. I do know, she doesn't like to sit and do nothing, so she signs up for things. I guess that's why she never understands why reading is so important to me. I found some great ideas for me:
 Like I said above, we have a lot of collected corks, I thought this might be a nice way to arrange them.
 This one's a little harder to see, it's a tree made out of snowflakes. I really like snowmen and snowflakes when decorating for the holidays, because you can leave them out all season long. Plus, they don't offend people.
 I love this pillow. I think it would be a great way to use up buttons.
 I also like the simple tree on this tag.
 Love this tree as well, another great way to use something differently.
 I mostly collect snowmen for the winter holidays, this one was cute.
And another cute pillow.
My mother bought me a bird for a stocking stuffer. I keep thinking I have way too much stuff. I don't like decorating for every holiday, because I don't like cycling my stuff, but I love bringing out my snowmen for winter. I have a lot of snowmen, I weeded a bunch a few years ago when I thought I'd have to move, and then got more selective of what I kept and got. I also started collecting owls, I have a tree and spot where they stay all year long, a few only come out at the holidays because they are obviously holiday owls. I've also started collecting birds, I have 3 right now, but I guess I'm getting more. I sit on my couch and decide I should get rid of some of my stuff or at least rearrange, that might happen soon. I might have to move next year, my landlords are deciding, so I should weed more stuff anyway, cause I hate moving, it's so much work and I have way too much stuff.
We traveled back to Walmart (which is right next to our mall, where Younkers is) and I am proud to say I didn't spend money on anything I didn't need. I really wanted to buy the Welch's sparkling grape juice, but I didn't.
They were playing Christmas music in the flower store to go with their holiday open house, I decided it was too early to be listening to that, unless it Trans Siberian Orchestra, or the Muppets Christmas album, which are on my mp3 player all year long, I never get tired of those.
Saturday night ended with Maximum Overdrive, which is my yearly Halloween movie, though it gets a little lamer every time I watch it.

Yesterday I didn't have anything to do, so I mostly sat at home and read my books. Ransom Riggs has a third book out in his Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series (I really hope it's only 3 books), so I had the first two checked out to read again (Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and Hollow City), they are due today, so I had to finish them. Sometimes I wish I could just read books forever and not have to deal with adult things, it's so nice to lose yourself in a book.

Today, I'm reading Grey by E.L. James, it goes along with her Fifty Shades of Grey books, this is told from Christian's point of view. I'm not sure what to expect. I read the others just to see what the hype was about, and by halfway through the second book, I got a little bored with the S&M. I couldn't watch the movie, because I knew it didn't match what was in my head.

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