Saturday, November 21, 2015


I'm not excited for snow. I know it's getting to be that time, but ever since I had to help shovel, I've never been excited for it. I no longer shovel (I will have to in the future), but I still don't like it. We had our first snow storm last night. They were predicting it to be really bad. It started early yesterday afternoon with small flakes melting when they hit the ground. I think it finally started sticking about 3pm and just kept going all night. They said we were going to have quite a few inches of the wet heavy stuff, thankfully we didn't. It's all light and fluffy. Today, the sun came out, which I hate in the winter, because it's always a cold day when the sun comes out. Windchill was around 4, supposedly, I went out about 11, with my heavy coat, scarf and hat and I was sweaty by the time I got home a few hours later. I was just shopping downtown, wasn't exerting much energy. I didn't appreciate all the ice underneath the snow. Most people had their sidewalks shoveled, but because it melted so much when it started, it was ice underneath, not the best to be walking in. I was a little worried about tomorrow when I had to catch the bus for work, but then I got home and found out the game was cancelled due to the other team not being able to get here. Funny thing, the forecast predicts temperatures in the 50's on Wed and Thurs.

And now that it's colder, it's cold in my apartment. My new landlord's like it cold. I realized they had the AC on pretty much all summer. Last year, my apartment didn't get much warmer than 66. And it looks like it will be the same this year. Oh well, I have sweaters, warm socks and blankets.

Life has been interesting around here. Monday we started the week with power out for about an hour. I guess I'm happier it went out last week and will (hopefully) not go out this week when it's a little cooler. That was a great way to start the week.
Wednesday I went shopping with my friend, it was fun, but not that exciting. We went to Michael's where I picked up a gift for a swap partner, a reindeer for my brother and an owl ornament for me. Next stop was lunch at Burger King, I have been craving Burger King for so long, and I had coupons, so win win. After lunch, we went to the big Target where I picked up hangers, weirdly enough when you buy lots of new shirts you need hangers to put them on, and some wrapping paper. I got the wrapping paper because I was going to be really creative with my wrapping for my swap partner, but that didn't work out. I found I still had wrapping paper at home, so I used that up. JoAnn's was next, everything I bought was on sale. I picked up a pair of Halloween purple and black striped tights for 70% off, then a kinda ugly/cute owl pincushion/tape measure, and a cute wooden keychain. Now that I'm home, I realize the owl is pretty ugly and I probably shouldn't have bought him. Last stop was Sam's Club, my friend has a membership and they always have such good looking food. I bought a giant dot-to-dot book and some cupcake chocolates. I really shouldn't have bought either, the other day I was cleaning and realized I didn't need anymore activity books, so I bought another one. And I have way too much chocolate here already. I found that if I ate a piece of chocolate every morning, I had enough to last me through the middle of February, now I have more.
My parents would not make a decision for Thanksgiving, so I finally just made my own menu and I hope they like it. Usually my brother comes over from Chicago and cooks for us, this year he decided to go with his girlfriend to her parents' in New Orleans. Last week I picked up a pork roast, I already bought zucchini bread in October. I was looking at my Taste of Home cookbooks (can't go wrong with those) and decided on Lemon Parsley Potatoes, Caprese Salad, Veggie Dip and Rice pudding. I talked to my dad about it when I went to do my laundry this week, and he had a few additional suggestions, I don't know what my mother thinks about it. I do know we'll have to go grocery shopping again, I wasn't sure how long some things would stay fresh.
Friday was the big snowstorm. I went grocery shopping on my way home from work, it wasn't as busy as I figured it would be.
And, now it's Saturday. I decided to go downtown to do some shopping for my swap partner. I went to a lot of local stores and I think I did pretty well. I have to have 12 gifts and I believe I'm at 11. I won't have a picture of all the gifts in my reveal post this year, as I wrapped them right when I got home and didn't get around to getting a picture. I'm really happy with what I got though.

I was on Facebook tonight and on one of my groups Neighbors helping neighbors, someone was asking for Christmas decorations as she was no longer homeless this year. I have a lot of decorations and I was planning on weeding them out anyways, so I thought I'd see what she wanted. I also want to put some gifts in the stockings for her, because she's low on money. I'm really excited to do this. I don't have a ton of extra money, but it sounds like she has way less, so why not share? Isn't that what the season's all about anyway?

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