Tuesday, November 10, 2015


It's Hodgepodge time, check out Joyce's blog to see how other people answered.

1. In two or three sentences tell us what Veteran's Day means to you? 
Honestly, the only thing it really means to me, is no mail. I know that sounds horrible, but I don't really remember doing anything for Veteran's Day growing up, and I always remember the Marines birthday (11/10) more than I remember Veteran's Day. Don't get me wrong, I am very appreciative for every veteran in America, but I don't choose just one day to show my appreciation.

 2. What's your favorite film with a patriotic theme woven into the storyline?
I really like We Were Soldiers.

 3. Flu shot-yes or no? If you answered no, do you plan to get a flu shot? If not, why not? Have you ever had the flu?
I don't do flu shots. I usually don't get the flu, more often I get a cold every winter season. I've also heard of stories of people getting the flu after getting the shot. There was one year I got what I believe was the flu, and it pretty much knocked me flat, it was a few years ago when we were moving the library into the temporary space and right around Thanksgiving. That wasn't fun, it only took me out for a few days and two of those were days I got off anyway.

 4. I've seen lots of people posting pictures of their Christmas trees up and decorated. Many stores have had Christmas on display since well before Halloween. Red cups are back at Starbucks, sans the holiday decor, and that has some people up in arms. What are your thoughts on all the holiday ruckus this second week of November?
I think it's way too early for Christmas stuff. I have signed up for one Christmas swap (see previous post), but you have to sign up early for swaps. I don't usually get my holiday out until there's snow on the ground, or after Thanksgiving, whichever comes first.
My mom signed up to be on a Holiday Home Tour this year (which is 12/5-6), so I've already helped her bring out some Christmas stuff. But, mine's not coming out anytime soon.
I did wrap some presents the other day, I'm mostly done with family presents, that's always a relief.

 5. What 'critter' are you most afraid of encountering unexpectedly? Why that one?
Raccoons, they live in the sewers here and I really just don't like them. They get rather large in our sewers, it's kinda creepy. There was one day I was coming home, it was still light out, and I saw one on the sidewalk. Totally freaked me out.

 6. Do you like building things? What's the last thing you 'built'?
I haven't built anything in a long time. I like getting things that need to be built. I think it's fun to get all the parts out, and create something entirely different out of them. I just remembered, I did 'build' some easels for the library sometime in the past year. It wasn't really building, but I did put pieces together to create something else, that totally counts, right?

 7. In keeping with this month's theme of gratitude...what are you most grateful for that brings beauty to your daily life?
nature. It seems like there's always something neat in nature going on. It also seems when I'm rushing to get somewhere, something pops out and makes me stop and pay attention to it.

 8.  Insert your own random thought here.
My landlords informed me I would have to move within the year. I knew this was going to happen, but I had hoped I could stay at least another year. I was hoping I could enjoy the extra money of my new job a little before worrying about something else. I guess I should know better by now.


Barbara said...

Good blog post today. So sorry you have to move sooner than originally thought. I hope you find a really great place well within budget.

Raccoons. We don't see them much here, but from your description they would unnerve me, too!

Theresa said...

We have raccoons in the sewers here too and they like to get in the garbage. I actually saw two of them cross over my front stoop one evening. I had the door open but thankfully the glass storm door was locked. It was a bit freaky but I think they are kind of cute for a critter ;)

Cranberry Morning said...

I hope you have no trouble finding a new living space and that all goes smoothly. As for the flu shot, it's such a 'shot in the dark,' so to speak, because we don't know if the shot given is effective against the current strain out there.

Katarina Rose said...

I hope your move goes well, even though it's sooner than you thought. I've never had a frightening encounter with a raccoon, so I think they're cute. Maybe I need to reconsider that thought. Have a happy Wednesday!

My love,

Cheryl said...

Raccoons in the sewers? Oh my, that would creep me out too! That's neat about your mom's home being on the holiday tour! My town has a holiday tour of home too. Have a great day!

Denise said...

nice answers.

tammy doane said...

Sorry you have to be moving. Hope all works out for the best.