Sunday, August 02, 2015

Catching Up....Again

I realized the other day I hadn't posted my finds from last weekend (July 25th), but since it was already Thursday at that point, I figured I'd just do one long post after this weekend's garage sales. So, here you go:
I took a lot of pictures of cute little houses on my walk on July 25th.
 I just like the size of this house, someday I plan to have a house this size or maybe a little smaller.

I love how the front of this house looks.

This was just a really weird tree in someone's yard. It almost looks like a climbing tree for cats.
 The first sale I basically only went to because I wanted to hit all the sales on my list, it was way out of the way of the other sales, but I also needed to get some more walking in, it gave me another mile to add to my total, so it worked.
The second one I found a few items to buy:
 I initially picked up the doughboy bank for my aunt, but I'm pretty sure she already has this one, and with the amount of doughboy items she has, I don't think she really has room for duplicates. The Superman is for my co-worker, she's trying to collect superheroes for a project. And I just thought the chick was cute.
 I saw this at the third sale on my list, it was only 50 cents, but I really didn't need it.
 I probably didn't need this movie either, but I like it and there's always a list on it at the library when Halloween comes around.
The next sale wasn't on my list, but I was walking right past it and it said artwork.
 I just picked up these two items, I really like the smiley face guy.
The next sale wasn't on my list, but I try to go to everything I see signs for.
 I found this He-Man puzzle that I almost bought as a gag for my brother, but there weren't any prices and I didn't really feel like going and asking.
This next sale had a ton of Beanie Babies, but I'm trying not to acquire more stuffed animals.
 It obviously didn't work, as I did pick up Jiminy Cricket, but I felt I couldn't pass him by, I thought the bag was just cute.
This fence is very cool, it looks like it's twisted and every time I walk by it, I always wonder how they constructed it.
 It goes with the chimney on the house, if you can see it. It's not the best picture and for some reason I didn't have my camera that day.

 By the time I made it to my second to last sale I was ready to jump in their neighbors ponds.

This is an old church that as one time was condemned, but I think someone bought it and fixed it up.

I picked up these free books at the last sale.

This week, I ventured out to a few on Friday. I used to do that and plan to get back into doing it, but I've been lazy the past few weeks and haven't gone out on Fridays. I didn't walk that much, but I was so tired that afternoon at work, I felt like I was really dragging.
 I found some great jewelry at one sale.

I also picked up a bag of buttons, it was priced at $3, I'm not sure what I decided to keep out of the bag was actually worth the $3, but there were some very neat ones in it. Mostly they were new though. I also picked up a bag of angels at that sale.

Saturday, I had a whole list of sales, and found quite a few things.
 A whole bag of yarn and some vintage looking trim for art projects.

a box of ceramic butterfly coasters, a turtle hot pad, a glass elephant and some cute pins.
This sale was not on my list, but like I said, I try to stop by if the addresses are in my area. I didn't find anything for me, but my friend has been wanting one of these picnic basket things for awhile.
 So, I bought it for her.

Another sale not on my list:
 But, I did get Spiderman for my co-worker and Hello Kitty for another co-worker and lemonade and cookies for me, so it worked out.

These were all found in the free bin at the last sale, cause I can't have enough stickers.

I was thinking how much I love walking to sales. I know some people couldn't do it with how their towns are set up, but I love that I can do it. I try to go different routes so I can see new things, I try to push my limits as far as I can. Sometimes that doesn't always work, generally I have to work on Saturdays, so I have to make sure I leave by 8AM and get back by 11 (hopefully earlier).
I used to just go to sales that had things in their descriptions that sounded interesting to me, but this year, I thought I'd just try to get to all the ones in my area. Sometimes I strike out, like the baby sale I went to this week thinking there might be some minion toys and found out it was all clothes. But I also might find something totally cool that they didn't put in the ad, or is in the free box.

Find anything cool at sales this weekend?

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