Saturday, August 08, 2015

A giant marble

Garage sales were kind of a bust this weekend. There were only two yesterday, but they were on different sides of town, so I didn't go out.
Today, the forecast was rain, and it was raining when I went out, but not so much that all of the ground was wet at any time. I decided to try anyway. It really frustrated me that people didn't go out and check to see how much it was raining. Also, we've had rain in the forecast for today since Wednesday, a few of these sales were posted after Wednesday, so why didn't they just put the stuff out that could handle a little rain and get protection, or put in the garage that couldn't handle rain? I wasn't the only one out, but there weren't a lot of people.
One sale I stumbled on was everything 50 cents unless otherwise marked, that's my kind of sale. Sadly, I only found one thing I really wanted, it was mostly baby clothes.
I bought some rice krispie treats and lemonade at one sale. I always try to buy treats when their offered. When I first started out and kept finding the addresses but no sales I was thinking about going to our farmer's market, but all I ever buy there is sweets and then their gone withing a couple days, so I thought I'd save my money.

So, I found a couple books, a giant marble and a nice quilted table piece.

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