Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fun night

Last night, I went to an event called Foodies & Brew where local businesses paired food with beer. I saw a post about it on Facebook last weekend and said it would be fun, my brother replied he'd be missing it by a day, I replied back saying he could buy me a ticket and I could tell him what he missed. The next day there's an email from him saying he bought me two tickets, I was really just kidding, but if he's gonna buy me tickets, I won't say no.
He paid a little less by buying them early and I did get a commemorative glass as part of that deal. I think part of the glass was to put your beer in as I saw a lot of people doing that, but I don't drink beer. I wasn't interested in it for the beer, I wanted to try the food.
So, one of my friends at the library joined me (that turned out to be harder than you think it would) and we stopped by after work. 
Thankfully, there was water there, so I picked up a glass and had that to drink. The first stop was The Cafe:
 They had a chocolate oatmeal stout ice cream cone. It was pretty good until I got to the chocolate at the bottom of the cone, that was where the stout was. I don't like beer, so it wasn't a great ending.
Next stop was Chef Kevin Terrell + Those Guys(I can't find a link to these guys, there's a facebook page and a linkedin page for Kevin Terrell, if you want to look him up):
 This is a braised pork cheek. I decided it was the best, it was so moist, it basically melted in my mouth. There's a slice of mushroom on the top and it's sitting in corn with a carrot and radish. I voted this one as my favorite.
Next was Dublin Bay:
 They had cottage pie on a piece of soda bread with Brussels sprouts. This is actually my friend's, I forgot to take the picture until I was halfway through eating it, and those are her Brussels sprouts along with mine, I'm not a fan of those. We stopped to share a table with a couple and I asked my friend if she wanted my Brussels sprouts and the girl (she looked like she was in her early 20's), told me I should try them, that they were really good. I felt like my mother was trying to tell me to try them. I've had Brussels sprouts made quite a few ways, and I just don't like them. It was a little annoying having someone I didn't know tell me to try something I know I don't like.
I loved the rest of it though, the bread was so good, and the pie was great, too.
Next up was Aunt Maude's:
 They had a BLT, but the B was not bacon, it was some kind of braised meat, which I know you can't see, but it was really good. Sadly, I kept having my tomato slide out the other side, and I lost most of the lettuce. I was going to eat my lettuce after finishing the sandwich, but I believe it had vinegar all over it, it was not very good to eat plain.
Next up is Olde Main Brewing Co:
 These are a steak and mushroom kebob in a barbeque sauce and a pork and pineapple kebob. Again, I forgot to take a picture of mine until I was halfway through, so this is my friend's. I thought the steak was rather hard to chew, especially with as big as the chunks were, I didn't eat both of the steak chunks. The pork was the best.
Last is Whiskey River:
They had three kinds of egg rolls, a spicy one, a barbeque with cheese and a reuben. When we got up there, the reuben was all gone (I was ok with that, I don't like Reuben), I'm not a spicy fan, so I didn't try that one. I went for the barbecue, which was good, but I didn't get the dipping sauce, so it was a bit dry. I didn't finish that either.
There was one other food vendor there, Wallaby's, they had a Creole jambalaya, I don't like spicy things, so I didn't try that.
I think it was a fun evening, it was nice to try the food, but if I was spending my money, I wouldn't pay for it. I kinda felt like when we went to this 4-course dinner at a fancy restaurant in Charleston, it was good, but I'm not sure it was really worth the money. I'm sure if I had the beer, it would have been, there were 19 beers you could have sampled, and I'm sure that would have cost more than $30 normally.
I also didn't really like the set-up. It was one block closed off with food vendor tents on the side, a few tall tables for eating, a bunch of folding chairs set out, and one long table with folding chairs around it. There were quite a few people, so it was a little crowded. I decided I would have liked it better if it was in an events center, you could pick up all your food first and then sit down and savor the food at a table.
But, like I said, a good experience anyway.

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