Friday, July 03, 2015

My birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, I got a big box from Amazon on Wednesday, turns out it was a Blu-Ray player and The Labyrinth on blu-ray from my brother. A co-worker also gave me a really cute card.
My birthday started out with a few birthday texts from my family. My friends and I went to breakfast for some giant pancakes and I got a few yummies for a present.
The rest of the day wasn't very exciting, I finished making a cheesecake to take to work:
I ended up having too much filling, so I made two cheesecakes. I've been promising my co-workers I'd make a lemon cheesecake for my birthday, my co-worker brought some edible flowers to decorate with:
My parents got me an eye exam and new glasses for my birthday, as the guy was adding it up, I was surprised at how much it came out to be. I'll bet they'll remind me of how much they spent on me for awhile.
I was touched by some gifts some of my supervisors/co-workers gave me, they didn't have to but they did and I was really touched. My day ended with everyone singing me "Happy Birthday" before we left for the night, it was really sweet.

So, it wasn't a very exciting birthday, and I know I say this every year that I get all excited for something and then I'm disappointed. I was thinking of my favorite past birthdays. I've decided my two favorites were the first year I went to the Good Guys car show at the state fairgrounds. They have one every year on the weekend of the 4th, funny thing this year I wasn't event thinking about it.
My other favorite was the year a group of friends and I went to a local amusement park for the day. I found this old-time photo we had done while we were there:
That was a really fun day.

Today is my mother's birthday, we're going out to eat tonight. I'm still trying to get motivated to make my mother's card. I'm sure it will turn out nice, but I don't know what it's going to be.
I decided we should eat the other cheesecake for dessert tonight.

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