Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sales and stuff

Not much has happened since my birthday. On the 3rd, we went to Applebee's for supper. I didn't get a ton of gifts, my brother gave me a Blu-ray player with a Blue-ray disc, my parents bought me new glasses, I'm going to pick those up on Monday.
On the 4th, my dad and I went for free pancakes that morning, then I went to the parade. That afternoon, we went to my uncle's where we had food and fun.
Monday, July 6th, my friend and I went shopping. I stocked up on chocolate at Target and she bought me a box of Sun Chips for my birthday.
Then it was work, Friday, July 11th, I tried to get in some garage sales, but there were none in my area. Saturday, my parents and I left early in the morning for my cousin's wedding that night. We ended up going and visiting my grandma and having lunch and playing Skipbo with her. The wedding was nice, but since I didn't know anyone outside of my family, it got a little boring afterwards. We stayed overnight, getting up early to be back in Ames so I could go to work. And then it was onto more work this week.
Friday, there were a few sales in my area, but I decided to wait until yesterday to go out. The first sale was pretty sad, it was mostly kid stuff (seemed to be the theme for the day), but I always am curious to see if I can find any minions. This year, I've just made note of the sales in my area, the past few years, I used to only mark down the ones that sounded interesting. I decided there would always be something they wouldn't put in their ads, and maybe something really cool that I wanted.
I found some signs for more sales and attempted to go to them, but when I got to the addresses, there was nothing set up. I walk to all my sales as I don't have a car, and I love walking to them. Sure, I get tired and very sweaty, but I love seeing the bugs or flowers or other things you would never notice if you were in a car.
The third sale found my first purchase for the day:
 a cute Hershey's kiss tin. I thought it would be great to fill it up with chocolate for a gift, I'm guessing it was filled with kisses originally.
The next sale I had gone to a earlier this year, so I knew there was something good there.
 I picked up an elephant and two stuffed dogs. I've decided their prices are a little high, so I might skip it, if I see the address in the future.
The next one, I found my buy of the day:
 I'm really not supposed to be buying stuffed animals because I certainly don't need more, but it was so cute.
The next sale I had heard had lemonade and I bought 3 cups and stood there drinking it, by that time I was thoroughly covered in sweat and very hot, so it was very refreshing. My last buy came from a sale that wasn't on my list, I saw the signs as I was walking by:
a loaf pan, I had decided earlier in the year I needed one of these, and 50 cents seems like a great price for one. There were also a few boxes filled with toys, but I didn't feel like digging through them. Sometimes I will, most times (especially if I'm at the end of my sales), I just don't feel like sitting on the ground and digging through stuff.
The last sale I didn't find anything, I was considering going to the farmer's market on the way home, but I was tired by that time and it was a tiny bit later than I wanted it to be. I did have to work yesterday afternoon.
Today, I set out for Walmart and Dollar Tree. I had to wait until about 10AM, as the Dollar Tree did not open until then. The difference in temperature of yesterday and today was quite different, I still had to take a cold shower when I got home today, but I wasn't near as sweaty.
I only bought AAA batteries that I planned on getting at Walmart, thankfully the batteries are very close to the door, so I didn't have to wander around the store.
Dollar Tree was a little different, apparently they were short people, so I decided to look around the store and hope the line got shorter, it didn't. I ended up spending more at the Dollar Tree than Walmart. I'm not bothered by it though.

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LV said...

I could never make sales if I had to walk. They are too for apart around here. You found some neat things tho.