Sunday, November 02, 2014

Fun Finds

I haven't been to any garage sales lately. I think, with it being October, I feel the garage sale season is over even if I see them being advertised, plus it's cold and that makes me not want to go outside. Thursday, I did wander to a few stores looking for a cheap Halloween costume, I didn't find one, but I did find some other things to buy.
First stop was Target, I found a jack-o-lantern shirt for Halloween, some monster finger puppets for Christmas gifts, some washi tape for me, a corkscrew for my family Christmas, and some candy for me.
 I forgot Halloween costumes are so much money, so I decided to just buy the t-shirt, which I also thought was a bit much, but it turned out to be on sale, I think it's more fun to include whimsical presents with my Christmas cards, so I buy them when I find them cheap.
Next stop was Walmart, I found a cute reindeer wine bag for my brother and a reindeer ISU ornament for him, and some more washi tape for me, and some glow bracelets for Christmas presents.
 My brother collects reindeer, and he drinks wine.
Next stop, the Dollar Tree, a pocket calendar for me, a cute bobble head doll and a cheap corkscrew.
 I keep forgetting we're getting closer to the end of the year, and I need to have a calendar for next year's schedule. I'm making an Advent calendar for myself, and trying to fill it with cheap, cute stuff. I found this corkscrew after buying the other one, the other one's cuter, I figured I could use it in a swap.
Next was JoAnn's, a pair of cheap stretch gloves and come cute stickers.
 I always pick up a pair of knit stretch gloves every year, JoAnn's always seems to have them for $1, so I can. The stickers were just cute.
Last stop was Hobby Lobby, a pack of Christmas cards, a neat candle, and an octopus Christmas ornament.
Hobby Lobby has had Christmas stuff out since July, and it's already on sale, so I figured I'd take advantage of it and get some cards, and an ornament. The candle was also on sale and I find it's fun to send them in swaps.

After that little spending spree and paying all my bills yesterday, I decided I can't spend any money on me for awhile. I'm not extremely low on money, but after having a certain amount in the bank, I got used to having that much, so when I dropped below that much, I got a little worried. Plus, my rent went up this year, so I'm worried about that. I've decided this is the last year that I can live like this. I will need to find another or a different job that pays me more money next year. And that means I'll have to face certain things I don't want to face, but that's life.
I decided, I can still do the 2 swaps I already joined, and maybe one more. Swaps make me so happy.

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