Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Christmas wishlist

Dear Santa,
Here's what I would like for Christmas this year:
  • I would like a job with security, benefits and a salary. I'd really like to stay at the library, I love working there. We both know that if I don't get this soon, I'm going to be applying to every job I see soon.
  • I'd love to have a place to live that I love with laundry on site and I want to stay for a long time, if not forever. I don't know how long I'm able to stay here, but I'd really like to have my own house. A nice two-bedroom with a laundry room would be great.
  • I want more vintage buttons, I can't find any good ones lately. I would love to find a great flea market or button shop when we go to Charleston, but I don't know if that's feasible.
  • I want more knee-high socks. I keep finding holes or that my current ones are wearing out. I don't need anything special but I love the random patterned ones I see at Target. My favorite pink skull and crossbones ones are too worn out to wear this year.
  • I want boots that keep my feet warm, are black, calf-high, and go around my leg muscles. The ones I have now work well enough, but apparently I have too many leg muscles for them to want to zip up properly, plus my toes don't always stay warm.
  • I would love the movie Epic. It's one of those cute kids ones that I feel all warm and fuzzy when I'm watching it.
  • I would love to have a new pair of leather gloves. My current ones no longer have lining in all the fingertips.
  • I would love to spend more time with my friend, Loretta, if you could make it so our schedules mesh so we could hang out more often, that would be great.
  • I would love to have a boyfriend. I'd love to have someone to cuddle with on these cold nights. It would also be nice to have someone that would care if I didn't come home from work.
  • How about some nice chocolate?
  • If I can't have any of those, I can live with gift cards and cash.

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